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Born Eugene Maurice Orowitz, his father did some work in the entertainment business and his mother had been a show girl on Broadway.

Michael didn't have a happy childhood but, in High School, he discovered he had a talent for throwing the javelin. Thanks to this he was offered scholarships from several universities. He also began taking drama lessons.

After injury ended his javelin career, Michael decided to leave university. He started taking different odd jobs, including working in a ribbon factory. A friend in the ribbon factory was taking acting classes, and Michael soon became interested too, and decided to pursue acting as a career, he also decided to change his name.

Michael was now starting to appear on several TV shows and in a few movies. He also met and married a young widow, Dodie Levey, but the marriage did not last long.

In 1957 Michael Landon had his first big break with the movie 'I was a Teenage Werewolf'. In September 1959, the TV show 'Bonanza' premiered, with Landon playing the role of Little Joe. It would last for fourteen years, and be a big hit all over the world.

It was on the set of 'Bonanza' that Michael met Marjorie Lynn Noe; they were married in 1960, and had three children.

After 'Bonanza', Michael received more than forty offers and suggestions for new TV series, one of them for 'Little House on the Prairie'. On 30th March 1974, the pilot movie aired. It was a success right away, followed by more than two hundred episodes, which lasted until 1984.

In 1980, Michael left his family for Cindy Clerico. They married and had two children together.

After 'Little House on the Prairie' ended, Michael went on to do another successful TV series, 'Highway to Heaven'.

In 1991 Michael was diagnosed with cancer. He sadly died on 1st July that year.

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