Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Series 6


Ross Semple
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A Real Housewives GIF for every occasion


Sometimes, when there are no words to describe something, you just have to say it with a GIF ... 

When you hear someone talking about your friend


When you see a hot guy, then notice his wedding ring

When your friend tells people about your drunken antics

When the wine is corked

When your friend won't shut up about their birthday

When you're hungover at work and your boss is nagging you

When you get stuck at a family gathering


When you're waiting for pay day

When someone won't shut up about the gym

When your friends talk smack about you

When your friend won't share

When your colleague pulls a sickie

When someone photoshops their Tinder profile picture

When people look at you for stuffing your face in public


When a guy you fancy posts a hot selfie

When everyone is still talking about Making a Murderer

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