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Rob Lowe in a black shirt.

Rob Lowe



It may not be a for reals dinner-and-a-movie kind of night with Rob Lowe (GIVE US TIME) but we do get to spend a night with him in our homes through the magic of television when Prosecuting Casey Anthony airs on Lifetime, Thursday at 9pm (mark this weekly timeslot in your Google calendar now if you're a fan of true crime dramas or "Lifetime Drama Specials" as they're known around here: we've got Talhotblond, An Officer and a Murderer, and Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret lined up for November).

NB. The magic of TV may render him slightly smaller than your average date and we may be sporting our least flattering jim-jams but hey, that’s happened before. Everyone had a good time.

So why do we love Rob Lowe? Many reasons. Here are just a few reasons. But not all the reasons. We like to retain a modicum of class here.

Rob Lowe in a black shirt.

Rob Lowe


In the planning stages of Prosecuting Casey Anthony, Lowe laid down the biggest ground rule of them all re: playing the real life prosecutor Jeff Ashton. “I put a moratorium on his ties. Apparently he was very famous for Jerry Garcia-designed ties. Call me crazy, I think it’s hard to be a law and order man in front a jury when you’re wearing a tie designed by Jerry Garcia. If you know what I’m saying. And I think you do.”


We do, Rob. We do. Only stoned people would wear those ties. Maybe that explains what happened to the Casey Anthony case. Just throwing it out there. Just another conspiracy theory on the internet. You’re welcome.


We watched Behind the Candelabra the other night and if anyone knows Steven Soderbergh we suggest you put in a request that he do a Better Call Saul spin-off movie based entirely on Rob’s plastic surgeon character, Dr. Jack Startz. The make-up department pulled Rob’s face taut, covered him in something that made him look plastic, and hiked his eyebrows so far up his forehead that his eyelids no longer functioned as eyelids.


Favourite moment: when a bandaged-up, post-surgery Liberace (Michael Douglas) asks him “Will I be able to close my eyes?” and Lowe says knowingly: "Not exactly. But you'll always be able to see people's reactions when they see how wonderful you look." 


Said Lowe in an interview about Behind the Candelabra: “There were days when I would go, ‘This is the end, for sure, of my career.’ When I walked on the set and looked at Michael [Douglas] with his fat suit and caftan, Matt [Damon] in his velour butt-hugger shorts and Farrah wig, and me as Startz – I said, ‘It’s over for all of us. This is it.’ I was like, ‘We used to be hot guys. What has become of us?’”

We used to be hot guys. Oh come on, Rob Lowe. 


He was Young Number Two in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, a job he got after doing a perfect impression of Robert Wagner (who played regular Number Two) for Mike Myers on a golf course. We got our job that way too. Can we be pals now and talk about all that stuff we have in common?


The last bit of the above point is a lie. But what is true is that Lowe wore a pirate patch in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me which makes him even cooler. (We are yet to get our pirate patch.)


He played the deaf character Nick in the TV miniseries of Stephen King’s The Stand and we stayed up way past our bedtimes to watch him. You can’t outrun the dark man but you can outrun parents trying to send you to bed, apparently.


That miniseries was on telly in the mid-‘90s. Today Rob Lowe looks EXACTLY THE SAME. Either there’s a painting falling to bits in his loft or maybe he’s gone to see Dr. Jack Startz.


He played Sam Seaborn on The West Wing, is a regular on the very excellent Parks and Recreation, and in 1986 he was in Youngblood with Patrick Swayze. PATRICK SWAYZE.


Obviously not. Mostly why we love Rob Lowe is he’s in more than one Lifetime Drama Special so we get to google him on a pretty regular basis “for work”.

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