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Feminist lessons we can all learn from Lily Allen

Ah,. Lily Allen. Basically the greatest feminist voice of our times, obviously, since she was crowned circa 2006, when she first started singing about rubbish boys in her life and got a bit gobby. Well, fellow feminists: put down those AW13's dungarees and that dissertation on the ‘Representation Of Gender As Depicted Through The Selfie' that you've been penning and listen up! Queen of Feminism and spokeswoman for all of us liberated women, Lily Allen has once again opened her trap. And it's good. 

This time, her ‘Vagesty' has called out former friends, henceforth to be known as ‘botoxed idiots who stank of desperation', letting us all know there's an alternative to having a face that looks like it's had a giant condom stretched over it instead of skin. Granted calling out other women is a big no-no, but then so is conforming to a patriarchal society's demands that women are all weirdly ageless with faces that can't move (sort of. I mean, it's a confusing issue what women can and can't do with their own faces). Sure, this is something we know and advocate already, but quite honestly, when we're all feeling slightly worse for wear in the post Christmas run up to New Years, this is probably reassurance we can all do with. If you spent Christmas with my family, half of which I spent sharing a 10-year-old sofa bed with my younger siblings, you'd probably be staring down a few new frown lines too.

So in light of this most recent outburst, let's take a look at all her other infamous rants. I mean wise, wise teachings.

Using Twitter as a megaphone to hold forth on issues of the day.

From this hallowed throne, she has delivered everything from pro-choice sermons advocating a woman's right to choose, to letting Clare Balding know it's alright to get a bit bolshie every now and then when you feel comments on your sexuality have been misconstrued (this goes ten fold if you were once outed by the Daily Mail). And in a climate where pop starlets are told to hold their tongue when it comes to saying something with a whiff of controversy (like proclaiming yourself a feminist) this is both refreshing and necessary.

Hard Out Here

Called out for being both racist and slut shaming, yes. But also undeniably demonstrating the extent to which women in the pop industry (and arguably the outer confines of normal life) are persuaded to use their sexuality, objectify and fetishize their own bodies in order to get ahead. Plus, she said she just chose the best dancers… (watch the video).

Quitting music to focus on raising a family

Granted I get cold sweats at the very thought of not at all times having the drive of impending deadlines hanging over me like a vague harbinger of doom. But at the same time, it's also nice to have someone other than the Middletons reminding us it's OKAY to have different priorities you want to focus on.

Returning to music

Neatly highlighting our basic right to change our minds at will!  

Decrying the—aspirational for some—WAG lifestyle

By famously calling out Cheryl Cole and calling her a “stupid bitch”… Hold in there Lily, you were so close!

I mean, yes, she's had public disputes with practically every other famous woman of note at some point (a thin line you could arguably say I've trod throughout this very article), but hey, feminism's tricky. For all of us! And this just shows she's still one of us. And that we possibly need to keep looking for a strong feminist voice for this wave and generation and stop looking to pop stars….

To you, Lily. You remind us all how hard it is out here for a feminist.