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It’s time for a change and this time, Dance Moms is all about new beginnings. Opening a second studio and losing her star student, Abby’s life has been full of challenges. But that chapter has closed and it’s definitely time for a change. Abby is focused on making sure that her studio is thriving, as she searches for her next Maddie while nurturing her ALDC Junior Elite girls to become stars. Plus this season, Abby’s next generation of dancers – the Mini Elite Team – is full of promise and could put ALDC back on track to reclaim the National Title. 


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    • 01 - The Competition Begins

      Welcome to the intense world of competitive dance, as we follow daily life with demanding instructor Abby Lee Miller, her young students and their ambitious mothers.

      Abby Lee Miller, the girls and the Dance Moms
    • 02 - Wildly Inappropriate

      The mothers allow their girls to wear revealing outfits in a dance competition and scandal ensues. Meanwhile, Abby's new racy routine raises eyebrows.

      The mums
    • 03 - Cheerleader Blues

      Kelly's daughter threatens to quit, prompting Kelly to push her so hard, she risks injury. An inside look at the intense world of competitive dance.

      Kelly puts the finishing touches on Paige's hair before she goes on stage in Dance Moms
    • 04 - Stealing The Show

      Mother Christi lashes out at Abby, after the teacher gives an unfair advantage to her star pupil. Inside look at the intense world of competitive dance.

      Christi helps Maddie fix her hat in place in Dance Moms
    • 05 - When Stars Collide

      Dance teacher Abby places the girls under immense pressure after a big Broadway casting director promises to attend the school's annual Dance Showcase.

      Abby Lee Miller wearing a pink feather boa in Dance Moms
    • 06 - Dying To Dance

      The pressure is piled on as the dancers prepare for a huge competition. Meanwhile, Christi is forced to choose between her family and her career.

      Dance Mom Christi
    • 07 - She's A Fighter

      The gloves come off as Nina's mother Holly makes a stand against dance teacher Abby's continuous typecasting. A peek inside the competitive world of dance.

      Holly and Christi talking in Dance Moms
    • 08 - Love On The Dance Floor

      Notoriously demanding dance instructor Abby tries to set Brooke up with her duet partner, hoping that their romance will bring drama to her stage.

      Paige, Chloe and Brooke perform
    • 09 - From Ballerinas To Show Girls

      Chloe finds herself at the top of Abby's pyramid for the first time, while Cathy readies her Candy Apple dancers to go against Abby's group.

      Chloe performing a jump in Dance Moms
    • 10 - Cathy Brings It On!

      Kelly secretly hires choreographers to give Brooke and Paige an edge. Meanwhile, to everyone's shock, Cathy shows up with her rival dance school.

      Dance Moms Jill, Christi, Kelly and Holly
    • 11 - It All Ends Here

      The dancers feel the pressure as they head to the National Title Competition. After a long losing streak, this is their last chance to prove they can win.

      The girls and Abby Lee Miller
    • 12 - There's Only One Star

      Abby's students make the big leap into the world of professional dancing as they get cast in a Hollywood music video.

      Abby Lee Miller sat in the audience at a show in Dance Moms
    • 13 - Most Outrageous Moments

      Abby Lee Miller counts down the most gob-smacking moments and biggest dance school dramas of series one. Features never-before-seen footage.

      The girls with their trophy
    • 01 - Everyone's Replaceable

      Abby warns the girls that if they mess up this season they'll be dropped from the team and replaced. Cue Kendell Vertes taking Vivi-Anne's position, and a dance routine called "Sassy Dolls".

      Kendall performing on stage in Dance Moms
    • 02 - Return of the Candy Apples

      It's the Abby Lee Dancy Company versus Candy Apple's Dance Center in this episode's competition. Featuring: Cathy doing some pretty terrible lying about the ages of her dancers so they can compete against the ALDC. What gives, Cathy? 

      The girls watching the competition
    • 03 - Brooke's Turning Point

      Brooke is the centre of this episode in which we see her trying to weasel out of cheerleading. Oh, Brooke.

      Chloe and Brooke performing at a concert outdoors in Dance Moms
    • 04 - No One Likes A Bully

      Payton replaces Brooke and takes her fictional bully role a bit too far by talking smack about the dancers TO the dancers backstage. Abby's not gonna like that.

      Paige, Chloe and Brooke perform
    • 05 - Brooke's Back

      Brooke's bored of cheerleading and wants to go back to dancing. She and Abby do some chatting over tea.

      The dancers
    • 06 - Wardrobe Malfunction

      Every dancer's getting a solo this week so all the Dance Moms have to make some costumes. This goes: not well.

    • 07 - Bullets and Ballet

      Maddie finds herself at the bottom of the pyramid this week and doesn't like it one bit. Meanwhile, the mums aren't so keen on a Charlie's Angels themed dance routine featuring guns.

      Maddie performing on Dance Moms
    • 08 - The Runaway Mom

      Jill and Kendall leave Abby Lee Dance Company for rival Candy Apple's after Abby puts Kendall back on probation due to Jill's recent behavior.

      JIll helps Mackenzie put on lipstick before she goes on stage on Dance Moms
    • 09 - Topless Showgirls

      Christi faces Abby's wrath when Chloe misses dance practice to star in a commercial for Cathy's husband's beef jerky business. Meanwhile, the Moms are outraged with the latest showgirl-themed costumes.

      Christi helps Chloe put on lipstick in Dance Moms
    • 10 - Miami Heat Wave

      The dancers compete in Miami but it's no beach holiday despite the beach-themed dance routine.

      Paige posing for the camera
    • 11 - Melissa Pleads the Fifth

      Melissa can't handle everyone asking about her engagement anymore so has an attorney send the nosy moms a letter. This goes as well as you would probably imagine. No tension whatsoever.

      Sisters helping each other out
    • 12 - Waiting for Joffrey

      Nia twists her ankle and the rest is business as usual: we're fighting about favouritism in the studio today.

      Chloe performing a jump in Dance Moms
    • 13 - Abbygeddon

      In this 90-minute season finale the dancers head to New York City to audition for the Joffrey Ballet School. What makes Abby storm out? Will she ever come back?

      Abby Lee Miller sat in the audience at a show in Dance Moms
    • 14 - The Battle Begins

      With Maddie out until she regains confidence, the fate of Abby Lee Dance Company lies in Chloe's hands.

      Chloe performing a jump in Dance Moms
    • 15 - Night of the Living Dancers

      Bellowing dance-behemoth Abby Lee Miller choreographs a zombie-themed routine for her dancers in this week’s episode. The tween ghouls head to Chicago for their latest competition, but tension between Kelly and Abby threatens the success of the trip.

      The mums
    • 16 - I Know What You Did Last Competition

      The moms tell Melissa that Abby had Maddie rehearse to the scratched CD in order to ensure her win at last week’s competition. 

      Maddie performing on Dance Moms
    • 17 - Maddie Has A Secret

      This week, the pressure is on as the girls prepare to perform at Starpower Talent Competition's 25th Anniversary in Woodbridge, VA. Abby gives Maddie a solo called "Looking for a Place Called Home" to perform, but also has her perform her old solo "Cry" from Season 1 at another Starpower competition down the street. She doesn't tell the moms.

      Maddie puts her shoes on as she gets ready to go on stage in Dance Moms
    • 18 - How Do you Like Them Apples

      After their humiliating loss to Candy Apple’s Dance Center, ALDC prepares to beat them once and for all.

      Jill helps fix Kendall's costume in Dance Moms
    • 19 - Worst Birthday Party Ever!

      Kelly's birthday party is reality-TV-show disastrous.

      Kelly puts the finishing touches on Paige's hair before she goes on stage in Dance Moms
    • 20 - Guess Who's Back?

      Everyone is completely shocked when Jill and Kendall come crawling back to the Abby Lee Dance Company.

      Jill helps fix Kendall's costume in Dance Moms
    • 21 - Break a Leg

      With Paige out with a broken foot, Jill seizes the opportunity and spins into hyper-Dance-Mom-mode trying to get Kendall to replace Paige in her duet with Chloe. Meanwhile, Maddie leaves dance rehearsals to shoot her big guest role on "Drop Dead Diva". 

      Paige getting her hair done
    • 22 - Revenge of the Candy Apples

      When Cathy learns her Dance Mom Jill and daughter Kendall have gone back to the Abby Lee Dance Company, she plots her revenge at the next competition. 

      JIll helps Mackenzie put on lipstick before she goes on stage on Dance Moms
    • 23 - The Recital to End All Recitals

      Abby's annual recital for the Abby Lee Dance Company shakes up the studio and the dance moms when she assigns a style of dance they have never done before. 

      Abby Lee Miller in Dance Moms
    • 24 - New Girl In Town

      New girl Nicaya and her mother join the team, creating competition between her and Paige for a position in the group number. 

      Paige prepares to go on stage in Dance Moms
    • 25 - Solo Fever

      In order to determine who gets to perform at Nationals, Abby gives each dancer a solo, except Maddie, since Abby feels unsure where Maddie stands. 

      Nia, Paige, Chloe, Maddie, Kendall in gold sequined costumes in Dance Moms
    • 27 - Reunion: Off the Dance Floor, Part 1

      The moms, Abby, and Cathy sit down and talk about the past episodes from Season 1, and Season 2 

      Abby Lee Miller sat in the audience at a show in Dance Moms
    • 28 - Reunion: Off the Dance Floor, Part 2

      More reunion talk!

      The dance moms, the girls and Abby Lee Miller
    • 01 - 99 Problems But a Mom Ain't One

      The ALDC's fifth dance competition season is off to a rocky start when a key member disappears and cuts off all ties to the kids and moms. With one dancer M.I.A., Abby calls in an old friend to join the team. Abby's world comes crashing down when an ex-student threatens legal action and could jeopardize the ALDC's big plans for the season.

      Dance Moms Series 5 Episode 1
    • 02 - Abby Got Served

      It's the big Maddie vs. Kalani showdown everyone has been waiting for! But with lawsuits pending, Abby's enemies are out to get her, including her rival Jeanette, who is out for revenge. The moms remain loyal, but Abby manages to turn even her own team members against her. Will the ALDC make it to LA or is their fractured team beyond repair?

      Dance Moms
    • 03 - JoJo with a Bow Wow

      With Maddie heading to Los Angeles early for a new exciting opportunity with Sia, the ALDC team is down another member and the moms question Abby's dedication to this week's routines since her favorite dancer is gone. Abby needs a sub for Maddie, so she calls in new dancer JoJo, whose star quality threatens both the moms and the girls.

      Dance Moms
    • 04 - Bye Bye Pittsburgh

      LA is only one week away and JoJo and Jess return to fight for a spot on the ALDC and are determined not to lose again. As the team prepares for their big Hollywood adventure, Holly and Jill grow concerned that Abby's focus will only be on her favorites and Nia and Kendall will be forgotten. After hearing about Maddie's next big Los Angeles opportunity, Holly and Jill vow to take matters into their own hands.

      Dance Moms Series 5 Episode 4
    • 05 - Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby

      The ALDC has finally arrived in Los Angeles and they are in for their toughest competition yet, when a top West Coast dance studio declares war. Abby sets up an audition with a casting agent for the girls but the pressure of LA is too great and Abby suffers her biggest breakdown yet, forcing the moms to question her abilities as a manager.

      Dance Moms Series 5 Episode 5
    • 06 - Nia Risks It All

      After a chaotic first week in Los Angeles, things do not settle down when Abby and Holly have their biggest and most shocking fight ever, causing Holly to go behind Abby's back to work with a huge star despite the consequences. Maddie prepares for another big Hollywood job, and all the girls soon are on edge when Abby announces an open call audition in Los Angeles. Holly and Nia grow especially fearful of their futures with the ALDC.

      Dance Moms
    • 07 - Wild Wild West Coast Part 1

      It's the ALDC's last week in LA and the Moms' patience with Abby has grown thin due to the lack of opportunities for every girl except Abby's favorite. While Maddie is away, guest starring on TV's "Austin and Ally," Abby brings in two swing dancers who not only take away her time and attention but also threaten the girls' chance at their biggest audition to date, a music video for internet sensation and pop star MattyB. Abby's job as a manager is put to the test when one of her star pupils gets offered the lead.

      Dance Moms
    • 08 - Wild Wild West Coast Part 2

      The ALDC's last week in Los Angeles continues with the girls juggling a competition and a music video shoot with kid rapper MattyB. But when Abby can't see eye to eye with his manager she tries to shut the shoot down, driving a wedge between the mothers who stay loyal to Abby and those who do not. To make matters worse, Abby announces she is cutting one dancer, causing the Moms to fight tooth and nail to secure their daughters’ spots on the team. Amidst all the chaos, it's the girls' last chance to pull off a win against the best of the best in LA, all without Abby's favorite dancer, Maddie.

      Dance Moms
    • 09 - The Great Divide

      It's the ALDC's first week back in Pittsburgh and the pressure is on to win after the girls' lackluster showing in Los Angeles. There is division amongst the moms based on who stayed to film the MattyB music video and who left. In true Abby fashion, the group dance is a personal attack against the mothers. Making matters worse, Abby discovers the team is in the teen division and one older member must sit out, sparking even more controversy amongst the team.

    • 10 - The New Maddie?

      The ALDC girls are fresh off a big win and seem to be moving forward after their rocky journey to LA. That is, until Abby's nemesis, Cathy from the Candy Apples, returns with a surprise choreographer who's sure to rattle the ALDC's confidence. Abby invites Ashlee and her daughter Brynn to come dance at the ALDC and quickly praises her as the next Maddie, which the original Moms do not appreciate.

    • 11 - Nia's Last Chance

      This week the ALDC heads to Philadelphia with a risky non-lyrical routine. Nia, Maddie and Kendall are feeling the pressure with solos, and Nia is singled out with an ultimatum from Abby. Frustrated with the lack of support from Melissa and Jill and tired of being victimized by Abby, Holly makes friends with two unlikely allies, which angers and alienates the original moms.

    • 12 - Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure

      The media is going crazy for Maddie's second music video with Sia so Abby has all of the girls doing duets in her honor. Not everyone is a fan of Maddie's latest work, especially Cathy, who has assembled a new Candy Apple team made up of dancers who have all worked with Abby and are ready to seek vengeance on the dance floor.

      Maddie and Nia
    • 13 - Mackenszie's Time to Shine

      It's the last week before the ALDC tries to make another go of it in Los Angeles and Maddie is away again, this time dancing on Saturday Night Live. With her sister gone, Mackenzie has the chance to remind everyone she is more than just Maddie's little sister. Up against Cathy's new premium Candy Apples team, Abby decides to push the envelope with a sassy and funky routine as Cathy is still reeling from their loss the week before. Will this risky routine be enough to beat Cathy again?

      Mackenzie's Time to Shine
    • 14 - Hollywood, Round Two

      The ALDC is back in LA and it's time for the team to redeem itself by focusing on what made these girls stars in the first place: winning competitions! Holly and Jill don't see eye to eye when Abby decides to manage Kendall's new singing career. The pressure is on for Nia and Kendall as they both work to become pop stars while going head-to-head with solos this week. Not forgetting the constant fits of drama from Abby last time in Los Angeles, the girls give their all in the group dance in hopes of making their teacher proud.

      Hollywood Round 2
    • 15 - Maddie vs. Kalani

      Determined to have a victory in their first week back in LA, the ALDC faces the Murrieta Dance Project again, the team that won with a perfect score and sent Abby in a downward spiral of negativity. Putting her best foot forward, Abby gives solos to her two strongest dancers, Maddie and Kalani. Kalani is hungry for a win and she is feeling the pressure to beat not only Maddie but MDP as well. Sparks fly between Jill and Holly when Nia is left out of a show biz opportunity which puts a strain on the team as they try to master an edgy rose garden themed contemporary routine.

      Maddie Vs Kalani
    • 16 - Video Killed the ALDC Star

      It's the ALDC's last competition in LA and JoJo and Kendall have challenging solos. To add to the pressure, Nia and Kendall are both shooting their music videos this week. While Holly and Jill initially remain supportive of each other's daughters as recording artists, their competitive sides get the best of them which results in an all-out war.

      Video Killed the ALDC Star
    • 17 - Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1

      With the ALDC back in Pittsburgh to wrap up loose ends before they make the full-time move to LA, Abby has scheduled the team to attend both a competition and a convention. Adding to the pressure, two of Abby's biggest enemies, Cathy and Jeanette will be at the competition and are confident they can win. Meanwhile, Holly has organized a premiere party for Nia's music video, but not everyone in the ALDC is excited about her big debut.

      Showdown in Pittsburgh part 1
    • 18 - Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2

      In their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, the ALDC embarks on their final competition before their big official move to Los Angeles. But when only two girls show up to compete, chaos takes over and tempers flare. Cathy and Jeanette bring top notch routines to try and take the ALDC down, but without a full team, the threat from ALDC's rivals takes a backseat to the risk of disqualification.

      Showdown in Pittsburgh part 2
    • 19 - Seeing Stars

      Abby Lee Miller and the Dance Moms get together to talk about the highs and lows of this season and try to hash out any remaining bad feelings. Holly and Abby go head to head once again; Abby's nemeses, Cathy and Jeanette, stir things up; and Maddie talks about her newfound fame and upcoming events. On the verge of leaving for Australia and then Los Angeles for three months, the team reflects on all that they've learned, shared and lost during their time at the ALDC, and Abby reveals her plans for world domination.

      Dance Moms Seeing Stars
    • 20 - Dance Moms Down Under, Part 1

      The ALDC is headed to Australia to perform at the ASTRA Awards, but when Abby loses her passport, she leaves the entire team stranded in Sydney without her. Meanwhile, Jess confronts the moms over a viral video of some of the girls making fun of JoJo. As Abby scrambles to replace her passport, Maddie is asked to go in her place to an interview, which causes her to miss a crucial rehearsal. Later, turmoil erupts at the ASTRA Awards.

      Dance Moms Down Under Part One
    • 21 - Dance Moms Down Under, Part 2

      Jealousy and competition threaten the ALDC as the team is divided into two factions when Abby excludes Nia and JoJo from the rest of the planned events in Australia. Kendall, Kalani, Maddie and Mackenzie have to learn a new routine to perform at a private fan event, while Holly brings in Mikey Minden to help Nia prepare to perform her single for the first time live. Holly makes it clear that, if the moms don’t show up for Nia’s performance, it could be the end of the ALDC as we know it.

      Dance Moms Down Under Part Two
    • 22 - Live from LA, It's Kendall K

      ALDC LA is now a reality as the team finally makes its permanent move to Los Angeles. Kendall's video is set to premiere, but the pressure of her debut as a pop star coupled with a solo, pushes her to the limit. Meanwhile, Abby makes a dramatic decision that the Moms fear will jeopardize ALDC LA's first competition.

      Live From LA, It's Kendall K
    • 23 - Maddie vs. Mackenzie

      For the first time in years, Maddie and Mackenzie are competing with solos against each other in the same age category. The pressure is even higher for Maddie--who, in addition to practicing her risky tap solo, has a new video with Sia premiering this week. Abby brings in celebrity guest choreographer Travis Payne to teach the girls a routine inspired by voguing, a style with which they are unfamiliar. They have to not only impress Abby, but also this high-profile choreographer who is a power player in the dance industry.

      Maddie Vs Mackenzie
    • 23 - Abbys New Beginning

      The season begins with a newly motivated Abby Lee promising to no longer overlook her remaining dancers now that her star, Maddie, is gone. Abby assigns Brynn and Kendall head-to-head duets with boy partners and Brynn struggles with the pressure. When Jess calls out Abby's favoritism for Brynn, Ashlee hits her boiling point.

      Dance Moms
    • 24 - Nia & Kendall Face Off

      Abby challenges Nia and Kendall with tough head-to-head trios but the group tribute to Madonna leaves the moms wanting more. Holly suspects Abby has a hidden agenda for Nia but, when she brings Nia's manager to the studio to investigate, her strategy backfires. When talk of the girls' technique erupts at competition, Abby abandons the team.

      Dance Moms - Series 6 starts 11th January on Lifetime
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Whilst I lack the funds for such CGI ventures, the truth about the life of a wannabe dancer needs to be told.

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Fantastic news from the far corners of the internet: Dance Moms are holding castings! I don’t have to tell you, dear reader, that clearly, the world has not known such momentous news since Kimye were christened thus.


Up until this point, I’d always been decidedly stalwart on my reluctance to bear children. After all, I still wash my hair in my kitchen sink and drink Vimto out of a wine glass: clearly I’m not ready. If I’m going to wreck my waistband on anything, it’s going to be carbs. But then Dance Moms came along and saw through all that, plucking me out of my white-wine-from-a-box fug and saying, ‘Hey, come join us. You’ll like it here: we slam cocktails and drink cheap wine too.’ And suddenly I’m considering donning an off the shoulder top and bootcut jeans, courtesy of TK Maxx 10 years ago and grabbing my niece to go along. (At 13 months old, it will be just in the nick of time.)

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Look Like a Dancer

Dance Moms is inspirational. Well, inspirational in that it has convinced us that our wardrobes are lacking a bit on the sparkles and spandex front, rather than it has encouraged us to exert ourselves physically or anything. Luckily there are plenty of dance-influenced fashions around at the moment that mean you can bluff your dance style credentials without having to leave the comfort of your sofa. Whether you get your kicks from ballet, disco, tap or ballroom, there’s a suitable ensemble waiting just a click away. Ladies, assume your positions (that’s horizontal, naturally).

Long sleeve body from Lipsy
  1. Nude tulle dress from Topshop
  2. Long sleeve body from Lipsy
  3. Bluebell blue ballet cardigan from Joy
  4. SASA Diamond sequin dress from Motel
  5. Disco ball earrings from Kenneth Jay Lane at ASOS
  6. A black feather embellished dress from Lipsy
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Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller: Dancing to the beat of her own drum Interview

"The thing I love most about working in this business is the feeling that I've helped make a young child's dreams come true."

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Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller, ALDC, dancing, Lifetime


Dance Moms Meanest Mom Moments

Dance Moms has gone full Mean Girls.

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Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller, ALDC, dancing, Lifetime


Dance Moms How to be a Dance Mom

As Ashley’s campaign to be an ALDC dance mom continues, we thought we’d make it a bit easier for her and any other wannabe stage parents out there and lay out the basic ground rules for becoming a dance mom.

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Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller, ALDC, dancing, Lifetime


Dance Moms Abby's 7 Deadliest Sins

According to the scripture of Dance Moms, these are Abby’s deadliest sins.

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dance moms, abby lee miller, lifetime, dance, dancing, ALDC, reality tv, competition


Dance Moms Christy's Craziest Moments

Instead of talking about how Kendall stormed out (again), yelled at Abby (!) and Abby didn’t immediately eat her (!!), we’re going to reminisce over all of Christ-y’s craziest moments.

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Dance Moms Abby’s Greatest One-Liners

We don’t know how long we have her for (she’s not dying, but who knows how long the attorneys are going to insist she makes bank), but for now, we’re just so pleased Abby’s come back, we’ve decided to compile some of our favourite quotes in her honour. 

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Dance Moms Biggest Mom Meltdowns

We've taken it upon ourselves to rank some of the biggest and best mom meltdowns Dance Moms has ever seen. Spoiler alert: it's GLORIOUS.

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Dance Moms Jill’s Gobbiest Moments

Kendall might not be winning the top spot she's been gunning for, but Jill's making sure the spotlight stays on at least one member of the Vertes family, declaring war on Ashley and making yelling at Brynn a sport. 

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Dance Moms Best Dances from Season 6

To mark the end of season 6, here are some of our favourite dances from this year. Which ones did you love?

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dance moms, abby lee miller, lifetime, dance, dancing, ALDC, reality tv, competition


Dance Moms Abby and Melissa’s best bits

The Zieglers have left Dance Moms and ended one of the show’s—nay, television’s—greatest friendships.

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Dance Moms Who is the new star of ALDC?

Who’s it going to be? We’ve opened the pools and our bets are in for who’s going to take the number one spot this season.

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