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Set in Pittsburgh’s renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by the notoriously reality-TV-show-worthy Miller, Dance Moms is one to watch if you’re a fan of buns, sequins and shouty ladies. The series follows children’s early steps on the road to stardom but it more closely follows the life of the dance mums who are there for every rehearsal, performance and bow, even if it means they’re watching from Miller’s Perspex dance jail. Expect high kicks and even higher drama as the girls dance ever closer to the National Dance titles in spite of their mums’ backstage breakdowns. We’d say “Jeez, calm down, ladies” but where’s the fun in that? 


The girls might be young, but they’re serious, focused and determined, and thanks to their Moms, they know that talent is important, but on its own, it’s not enough to get ahead. The atmosphere at Abby’s studio is more competitive than a gladiatorial contest, and the Moms are quick to develop useful relationships, establish cutthroat rivalries, and make it clear that they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to help their daughters get ahead.

The dancers are fighting to be top of the heap in Abby’s pyramid scheme, which Abby uses at the end of the episode to show which dancers are working well, and which dancers need to seriously raise their game if they’re going to succeed. However, the girls’ placement is often influenced by Abby’s relationship with their Moms. If your daughter is going to do well, you’ve got to get along with Abby.

Look out for:

  • Melissa, mom to Maddie and Mackenzie, being teased about her close relationship with Abby. Is that why her girls are doing so well?
  • Abby’s fearless, balls out criticism, which will have you cowering behind your cushions. She can make Simon Cowell look positively kittenish.
  • Chloe’s creepy pyramid smile. We fear for her facial muscles.
  • Tears. Abby can generate more moisture than a bottled water factory. She might make her girls cry, but she’s not afraid of a good weep of her own. 



  • 01
  • 02
  • Welcome to the intense world of competitive dance. Save your tears for the pillow.
  • More tears. More dry pillows.
    • 01 - The Competition Begins

      Welcome to the intense world of competitive dance, as we follow daily life with demanding instructor Abby Lee Miller, her young students and their ambitious mothers.

      Abby Lee Miller, the girls and the Dance Moms
    • 02 - Wildly Inappropriate

      The mothers allow their girls to wear revealing outfits in a dance competition and scandal ensues. Meanwhile, Abby's new racy routine raises eyebrows.

      The mums
    • 03 - Cheerleader Blues

      Kelly's daughter threatens to quit, prompting Kelly to push her so hard, she risks injury. An inside look at the intense world of competitive dance.

      Kelly puts the finishing touches on Paige's hair before she goes on stage in Dance Moms
    • 04 - Stealing The Show

      Mother Christi lashes out at Abby, after the teacher gives an unfair advantage to her star pupil. Inside look at the intense world of competitive dance.

      Christi helps Maddie fix her hat in place in Dance Moms
    • 05 - When Stars Collide

      Dance teacher Abby places the girls under immense pressure after a big Broadway casting director promises to attend the school's annual Dance Showcase.

      Abby Lee Miller wearing a pink feather boa in Dance Moms
    • 06 - Dying To Dance

      The pressure is piled on as the dancers prepare for a huge competition. Meanwhile, Christi is forced to choose between her family and her career.

      Dance Mom Christi
    • 07 - She's A Fighter

      The gloves come off as Nina's mother Holly makes a stand against dance teacher Abby's continuous typecasting. A peek inside the competitive world of dance.

      Holly and Christi talking in Dance Moms
    • 08 - Love On The Dance Floor

      Notoriously demanding dance instructor Abby tries to set Brooke up with her duet partner, hoping that their romance will bring drama to her stage.

      Paige, Chloe and Brooke perform
    • 09 - From Ballerinas To Show Girls

      Chloe finds herself at the top of Abby's pyramid for the first time, while Cathy readies her Candy Apple dancers to go against Abby's group.

      Chloe performing a jump in Dance Moms
    • 10 - Cathy Brings It On!

      Kelly secretly hires choreographers to give Brooke and Paige an edge. Meanwhile, to everyone's shock, Cathy shows up with her rival dance school.

      Dance Moms Jill, Christi, Kelly and Holly
    • 11 - It All Ends Here

      The dancers feel the pressure as they head to the National Title Competition. After a long losing streak, this is their last chance to prove they can win.

      The girls and Abby Lee Miller
    • 12 - There's Only One Star

      Abby's students make the big leap into the world of professional dancing as they get cast in a Hollywood music video.

      Abby Lee Miller sat in the audience at a show in Dance Moms
    • 13 - Most Outrageous Moments

      Abby Lee Miller counts down the most gob-smacking moments and biggest dance school dramas of series one. Features never-before-seen footage.

      The girls with their trophy
    • 01 - Everyone's Replaceable

      Abby warns the girls that if they mess up this season they'll be dropped from the team and replaced. Cue Kendell Vertes taking Vivi-Anne's position, and a dance routine called "Sassy Dolls".

      Kendall performing on stage in Dance Moms
    • 02 - Return of the Candy Apples

      It's the Abby Lee Dancy Company versus Candy Apple's Dance Center in this episode's competition. Featuring: Cathy doing some pretty terrible lying about the ages of her dancers so they can compete against the ALDC. What gives, Cathy? 

      The girls watching the competition
    • 03 - Brooke's Turning Point

      Brooke is the centre of this episode in which we see her trying to weasel out of cheerleading. Oh, Brooke.

      Chloe and Brooke performing at a concert outdoors in Dance Moms
    • 04 - No One Likes A Bully

      Payton replaces Brooke and takes her fictional bully role a bit too far by talking smack about the dancers TO the dancers backstage. Abby's not gonna like that.

      Paige, Chloe and Brooke perform
    • 05 - Brooke's Back

      Brooke's bored of cheerleading and wants to go back to dancing. She and Abby do some chatting over tea.

      The dancers
    • 06 - Wardrobe Malfunction

      Every dancer's getting a solo this week so all the Dance Moms have to make some costumes. This goes: not well.

    • 07 - Bullets and Ballet

      Maddie finds herself at the bottom of the pyramid this week and doesn't like it one bit. Meanwhile, the mums aren't so keen on a Charlie's Angels themed dance routine featuring guns.

      Maddie performing on Dance Moms
    • 08 - The Runaway Mom

      Jill and Kendall leave Abby Lee Dance Company for rival Candy Apple's after Abby puts Kendall back on probation due to Jill's recent behavior.

      JIll helps Mackenzie put on lipstick before she goes on stage on Dance Moms
    • 09 - Topless Showgirls

      Christi faces Abby's wrath when Chloe misses dance practice to star in a commercial for Cathy's husband's beef jerky business. Meanwhile, the Moms are outraged with the latest showgirl-themed costumes.

      Christi helps Chloe put on lipstick in Dance Moms
    • 10 - Miami Heat Wave

      The dancers compete in Miami but it's no beach holiday despite the beach-themed dance routine.

      Paige posing for the camera
    • 11 - Melissa Pleads the Fifth

      Melissa can't handle everyone asking about her engagement anymore so has an attorney send the nosy moms a letter. This goes as well as you would probably imagine. No tension whatsoever.

      Sisters helping each other out
    • 12 - Waiting for Joffrey

      Nia twists her ankle and the rest is business as usual: we're fighting about favouritism in the studio today.

      Chloe performing a jump in Dance Moms
    • 13 - Abbygeddon

      In this 90-minute season finale the dancers head to New York City to audition for the Joffrey Ballet School. What makes Abby storm out? Will she ever come back?

      Abby Lee Miller sat in the audience at a show in Dance Moms
    • 14 - The Battle Begins

      With Maddie out until she regains confidence, the fate of Abby Lee Dance Company lies in Chloe's hands.

      Chloe performing a jump in Dance Moms
    • 15 - Night of the Living Dancers

      Bellowing dance-behemoth Abby Lee Miller choreographs a zombie-themed routine for her dancers in this week’s episode. The tween ghouls head to Chicago for their latest competition, but tension between Kelly and Abby threatens the success of the trip.

      The mums
    • 16 - I Know What You Did Last Competition

      The moms tell Melissa that Abby had Maddie rehearse to the scratched CD in order to ensure her win at last week’s competition. 

      Maddie performing on Dance Moms
    • 17 - Maddie Has A Secret

      This week, the pressure is on as the girls prepare to perform at Starpower Talent Competition's 25th Anniversary in Woodbridge, VA. Abby gives Maddie a solo called "Looking for a Place Called Home" to perform, but also has her perform her old solo "Cry" from Season 1 at another Starpower competition down the street. She doesn't tell the moms.

      Maddie puts her shoes on as she gets ready to go on stage in Dance Moms
    • 18 - How Do you Like Them Apples

      After their humiliating loss to Candy Apple’s Dance Center, ALDC prepares to beat them once and for all.

      Jill helps fix Kendall's costume in Dance Moms
    • 19 - Worst Birthday Party Ever!

      Kelly's birthday party is reality-TV-show disastrous.

      Kelly puts the finishing touches on Paige's hair before she goes on stage in Dance Moms
    • 20 - Guess Who's Back?

      Everyone is completely shocked when Jill and Kendall come crawling back to the Abby Lee Dance Company.

      Jill helps fix Kendall's costume in Dance Moms
    • 21 - Break a Leg

      With Paige out with a broken foot, Jill seizes the opportunity and spins into hyper-Dance-Mom-mode trying to get Kendall to replace Paige in her duet with Chloe. Meanwhile, Maddie leaves dance rehearsals to shoot her big guest role on "Drop Dead Diva". 

      Paige getting her hair done
    • 22 - Revenge of the Candy Apples

      When Cathy learns her Dance Mom Jill and daughter Kendall have gone back to the Abby Lee Dance Company, she plots her revenge at the next competition. 

      JIll helps Mackenzie put on lipstick before she goes on stage on Dance Moms
    • 23 - The Recital to End All Recitals

      Abby's annual recital for the Abby Lee Dance Company shakes up the studio and the dance moms when she assigns a style of dance they have never done before. 

      Abby Lee Miller in Dance Moms
    • 24 - New Girl In Town

      New girl Nicaya and her mother join the team, creating competition between her and Paige for a position in the group number. 

      Paige prepares to go on stage in Dance Moms
    • 25 - Solo Fever

      In order to determine who gets to perform at Nationals, Abby gives each dancer a solo, except Maddie, since Abby feels unsure where Maddie stands. 

      Nia, Paige, Chloe, Maddie, Kendall in gold sequined costumes in Dance Moms
    • 27 - Reunion: Off the Dance Floor, Part 1

      The moms, Abby, and Cathy sit down and talk about the past episodes from Season 1, and Season 2 

      Abby Lee Miller sat in the audience at a show in Dance Moms
    • 28 - Reunion: Off the Dance Floor, Part 2

      More reunion talk!

      The dance moms, the girls and Abby Lee Miller
Love Abby

After what was arguably the most explosive series to date, season four of Dance Moms has left us shell shocked. The Select Team have been ousted, Christi’s threatened to walk for good (and we think she actually means it this time) and Kelly’s already beaten her to it, dragging Brooke and Paige in tow. Now with the new season gearing up, we’re bracing ourselves for yet more drama come the New Year. This is what we’d like to see in season five.



Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition learning a routine on stage


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For a resolutely sedentary adult, I have managed to clock up a history abundant in dancing. Looking back now, the incredible thing is not the dancing itself, but the fact that I carried on doing it so far beyond the call of duty – and, notably, for so long after puberty and Yorkie bars combined forces to make sure I would never be turning it into a career. 

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Audrey Hepburn stars in Funny Face


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Ballet dancer en pointe


FEATURES The downside to not having a Dance Mom By Janina Matthewson

It’s easy to look at the kind of women who push their daughters into loads of demanding extracurricular activities and think, “Jeez, lady, jeez, I mean cool it for one moment, please.” But the downside to growing up with a mother who's willing to just let you quit is that you wind up being an adult woman who can’t do anything interesting.

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The mums


DANCE MOMS An open letter to all would be Dance Moms By Rachael Krishna

If this were a film, instead of an open letter I’d probably appear as a premonition from the future, covered in bruises and desperately trying to fit myself into an old leotard (of course I’d be played by Lindsay Lohan) and I would wail:


‘Don’t do it, don’t send her to that first dance class, you have no idea what’s to come!’


Whilst I lack the funds for such CGI ventures, the truth about the life of a wannabe dancer needs to be told.

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Dance Moms Jill, Christi, Kelly and Holly



Fantastic news from the far corners of the internet: Dance Moms are holding castings! I don’t have to tell you, dear reader, that clearly, the world has not known such momentous news since Kimye were christened thus.


Up until this point, I’d always been decidedly stalwart on my reluctance to bear children. After all, I still wash my hair in my kitchen sink and drink Vimto out of a wine glass: clearly I’m not ready. If I’m going to wreck my waistband on anything, it’s going to be carbs. But then Dance Moms came along and saw through all that, plucking me out of my white-wine-from-a-box fug and saying, ‘Hey, come join us. You’ll like it here: we slam cocktails and drink cheap wine too.’ And suddenly I’m considering donning an off the shoulder top and bootcut jeans, courtesy of TK Maxx 10 years ago and grabbing my niece to go along. (At 13 months old, it will be just in the nick of time.)

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Paige listens as Abby Lee MIller speaks in Dance Moms


Dance Moms Is Abby Lee Miller the real life Sue Sylvester?

Sue Sylvester: TV's deranged cheerleading/dancing/sometime singing coach with a wardrobe full of shiny tracksuits and a barbed comments for everyone who crosses her crazed, tracksuited path. Hell-bent on total world domination, this woman will stop at nothing to win, bullies kids as a daily routine, has an array of dirty tricks that would make the most-arch villain envious. And she has a penchant for high ponytails, Croydon-facelift style. Something here seems a bit familiar.

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Sue Sylvester


Who would win an angry dance-off?

Select image to vote


Abby Lee Miller

Jane Lynch - Glee's Sue Sylvester

Sue Sylvester

Abby Lee Miller sat in the audience at a show in Dance Moms

Abby Lee Miller

Dance Moms

Look Like a Dancer

Dance Moms is inspirational. Well, inspirational in that it has convinced us that our wardrobes are lacking a bit on the sparkles and spandex front, rather than it has encouraged us to exert ourselves physically or anything. Luckily there are plenty of dance-influenced fashions around at the moment that mean you can bluff your dance style credentials without having to leave the comfort of your sofa. Whether you get your kicks from ballet, disco, tap or ballroom, there’s a suitable ensemble waiting just a click away. Ladies, assume your positions (that’s horizontal, naturally).

Long sleeve body from Lipsy
  1. Nude tulle dress from Topshop
  2. Long sleeve body from Lipsy
  3. Bluebell blue ballet cardigan from Joy
  4. SASA Diamond sequin dress from Motel
  5. Disco ball earrings from Kenneth Jay Lane at ASOS
  6. A black feather embellished dress from Lipsy
Abby Lee Miller wearing a pink feather boa in Dance Moms


Dance Moms 20 Things You Didn't Know About Abby Lee Miller

Would she rather go to a fancy restaurant or the IHOP? How long do her fake eyelashes last? How does she feel about CONDIMENTS?

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Moms Holly, Christi, Kelly and Melissa watch over their daughters Paige, Mackenzie and Nia in Dance Moms


FEATURES Dance Moms of the Rich and Famous By Hayley Campbell

So who else had a Dance Mom or dad steering their career? Just about everybody, apparently. We looked into it for you.

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Abby Lee Miller talking to the dancers in Dance Moms


Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller: Dancing to the beat of her own drum Interview

"The thing I love most about working in this business is the feeling that I've helped make a young child's dreams come true."

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The girls watching the competition


Dance Moms Minister Unchained Video
SKY 156 / VIRGIN 242

Week one on Dance Moms, and things start how we can only hope they are meant to go out: with high pitched screams echoing around a mirrored gym hall, and a breathless call to the police.

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Flowers in the Attic poster


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