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Ex Isle is a groundbreaking new series, where five on-again; off-again couples endure intensive therapy in order to break free of their toxic relationships forever. Secluded on a remote island, the couples are joined by show host Carmen Electra and guided on a multi-step process for getting over their ex, led by relationship therapist Dr. Ish Major. In an unexpected twist, the arrival of 10 eligible singles gives the exes a fresh chance at love, and others a dose of heartache.

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Should You Dump Him?

Is your relationship on the rocks? Take our quiz to find out if you should show your man the door

Carmen Electra, host of ex isle


Ex Isle 10 Things You Didn't Know About Carmen Electra
SKY 156 / VIRGIN 208/209

We found out some surprising info about the Ex Isle host ...

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Ex Isle, Carmen Electra, The 7 stages of getting over your ex


Ex Isle The 7 stages of getting over your ex
SKY 156 / VIRGIN 208/209

You’ve almost certainly been through these seven stages of getting over your ex. 

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