getting over your ex

Ex Isle

The 7 stages of getting over your ex


Relationships make for great television, but only the beginnings and endings of them. Nobody is interested in you when you’re snuggled up on the couch, feeding each other Oreos, speculating over whether you should adopt a kitten or a puppy first – you only become hot property when you’re crying, smeared in Oreo cream, threatening to take the puppy AND the kitten AND the good wine glasses AND start a smear campaign on the internet.

Lifetime’s latest show, Ex Isle, takes a number of erstwhile couples, secludes them on an island, and endeavours to get them back together – while, of course, introducing a number of factors (in the form of babes in bikinis and board-shorts) that will ensure that never, ever happens.

These couples will be doing their best to work through their feelings in front of the cameras – and while you might never have done it on television, you’ve almost certainly been through these seven stages of getting over your ex.

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