Vivica A. Fox opens up about exotic dancers and Vivica's Black Magic

In Vivica's Black Magic, Vivica A. Fox challenges herself with forming the first all-male, all African American troupe of exotic dancers! These guys will put the cast of Magic Mike to shame, with hilarious routines and even better bodies.

We spoke to Vivica about the challenges of running the show, and found out what her exotic dancer name would be ...

What made you want to create this show?

I got my vision for the show after seeing the lack of diversity in the film Magic Mike and after attending a Vegas Chippendale's show! I thought to myself someone needs to do this with some chocolate fellas!

Which male celebrity would be your dream performer?

My dream celeb exotic dancer? I would love to have Chris Hemsworth (Thor) give me a private dance or the very sexy and Chocolate Morris Chestnut take it off too! I would make it rain on either guy for sure!

If you were to join the boys onstage for a performance, what would your stage name be?

My exotic dancer stagename would be Foxy Desire.

Did any rivalries form between the performers?

Yes there were rivalries with the West Coast and East Coast guys on Vivica's Black Magic as their style of dance and performing were totally different! They teased each other alot!

Which performer was the most challenging to work with?

The most challenging guy to work with on the show was Alvester as he was ALWAYS causing problems with the lead choreographer Darrin Henson and was very selfish and stubborn and had a bad attitude!

Do you have a favourite solo from the show?

Bolo's solo performance on Episode #1 was so sexy and AWESOME! He got a standing ovation!

What was the most difficult part of making the show work?

The most difficult part of Vivica's Black Magic Show was keeping all the guys egos in check and keeping them focus on the big picture of getting us a Vegas home!

You starred in the Independence Day sequel last year. Which of your other movies would you like to have a sequel?

Would love to do a sequel to my family’s hit film Soulfood with Nia Long and Vanessa Williams.

Where would you see the show going in the future?

Would LOVE to see Vivica's Black Magic Show in Vegas and us having a domestic and international tour! Also having at least 5 more Seasons air on TV and winning awards for being a break out certified HIT!