BRING IT: 10 of the worst dance scenes you will ever see on film or tv

Dance is a beautiful thing… when it's done correctly, that is. Unfortunately, whether intentionally or not, many film and TV crews don't have a choreographer as tough as Miss D nor a talented troupe of starlettes like the Dancing Dolls to make sure the routines hit the mark every single time. This lack of skill with a healthy sprinkle of humour from the director along with our unabashed schadenfreude as an audience has resulted in some of the most hilarious, most awkward and sometimes just terrible moments of cinematic history. So step aside, Fred Astaire, it's time for the dancing impaired to take centre stage.

10. Teenage Mother (1967)

This little known film that was made to raise awareness about teenage pregnancies in America is little known for a reason. Forgotten due to its terrible production quality, inexcusable acting and sketchy subject matter, the dancing is still remembered 47 years later. Just look at the 60s unfold before your very eyes by a girl who can barely keep a beat and a man who looks like he's never moved his limb before.

9. She's All That

Oh, high school. The awkwardness. The false confidence. The terrible, terrible dancing! The late 90s saw its fair share of proms and school dances on the silver screen but this has to be one of the worst. Not only is there an awkward Usher rigidly cutting shapes while playing DJ but most of the kids break out into a choreographed dance while the others do the mashed potato or side step. Awkward doesn't even cover it.

8. Kickboxer

Beautiful, muscular, flexible Jean-Claude Van Damme, why is dancing so hard for you? We can see you're having the time of your life but maybe dancing is the one stunt you should leave someone else to do.

7. Seinfeld

Okay, okay. This (like a few others on the list) are intentionally terrible; but how could we really compile a list of terrible dances without mentioning Elaine's awful moves and inability to hit a beat. Hilarious every time and much like us after a few too many on a night out.

6. The Office

This list could not be complete with possibly the most memorable terrible dance of all time. David Brent's dance is one we've all recreated in some way or other and that made terrible dancing on purpose popular among the masses. Our favourite part? The face. It's all about confidence, baby.

Part B. The Office US

Many things were changed when The Office hit the shores of America but one thing the Stateside counterpart kept was the boss's terrible dancing. With so many to choose from, it was hard to narrow down Michael Scott's worst but for sheer awkwardness, The Scarn made it to the list.

5. Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo

Possibly the worst dance film that's ever been made, this epic dance battle with full on non-contact combat, lazy breakdancing and leathers - oh, the leather - definitely helped its cult status and awful ratings.

4. Spiderman 3

Most Marvel fans would quite like to forget the existence of the third instalment of Tobey Maguire's creepy crawl into the super hero genre mostly for this scene. An embarrassing display of Spidey's powers, a lack of charima from Maguire, terrible choreography and a complete lack of confidence makes us want to bury our heads in the popcorn until its over.

3. Napoleon Dynamite

Though some will argue that this is one of the best dances in film history, let's actually watch shall we? Yes, the amazingly dorky and socially inept Napoleon cuts some pretty impressive shapes but it really is awful. It's dad dancing with the power up of good joints.

2. Friends

Who could forget The Routine? No, not the one you and your sister made up in your bedroom when you were kids. Ross and Monica's! This moment of dance is sheer genius as it encompasses every dance move we've each tried to recreate in the comfort of our homes over the years. Well done, choreographer, you captured the awfulness of teenage dancing beautifully.

1. The Inbetweeners

Friends may have captured the horrendous dance moves we attempt in the privacy of our own homes, but The Inbetweeners has recreated Freshers' Week in the SU Bar perfectly. We've all seen it. The poor souls attempting to shake their tail feathers with absolutely no experience of dancing in public resulting in possibly the worst display of physical prowess we've ever seen. Though, we are quite fond of the diagonal gallop.

Honourable mention: Leonard Nimoy's The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Did you know that Spock once released a single about The Hobbit? Well, he did and the music video has some of the most amazing dancing we've ever seen… amazingly bad that is. As it wasn't in a film and it wasn't in a TV show we couldn't include it in the list but we have to mention, didn't we?