How to shop the sale like a pro

How to Shop The Sales Like a Pro

The sales have been upon us for a little while now, and there are still plenty of fashionable bargains just waiting to be snared. Of course, any fashionista who’s ever braved the retail ruckus knows what a mission it can be to get what you want. From resisting those pesky purchasing impulses to formulating a plan of action, here are some top tips for getting your bargain-priced fashion fix during the January sales.

Know what you want

So you’re not aimlessly making impulse purchases, make a list of the things you need, and then a list of the things you want. Obvious, right? The trick is to make sure you’re not just thinking of NOW – consider the year ahead, when you might need new work wear, a wedding outfit, a couple of holiday frocks, or a heavier coat for winter.

Know how much you’re going to spend

Draw out your designated spending money in cash and if possible, leave your card at home. It’s all too tempting (and easy) to hand over the plastic when we see something we like, but physical cash keeps you aware of your budget and gives you no choice but to stick to it.

Get online

Scope out your favourite high street websites for sale items and exclusive online offers before hitting the shops in person. This allows you to formulate a solid plan of action so you can go straight for the prize, rather than getting sidetracked by shiny things. What’s more, if you find exactly what you like, you can ‘click and collect’ so it’s reserved in-store, ready to pick up on the day of your shopping trip.

Avoid touching…

Touching releases endorphins which make us more likely to buy things, which isn’t a bad thing if it’s something you wanted anyway. If this happens to be a pricey faux fur coat when you don’t need one however, it might throw you way off your sales shopping budget. So keep your paws to yourself!

Be changing room ready

Forget runway ready, this is a day you need to be changing room ready. Make sure your outfit is easy to slip in and out of, so you can try things on in store quickly and easily, without losing valuable minutes of shopping time. Venturing out wearing a dressing gown or onesie is probably best avoided, however.

Consider a solo mission

Any other day shopping with your gal pals makes a fab day out, but if you’re on a mission to snare those sale items you don’t want any distractions. Especially if it’s waiting for your equally determined BFF to try on 10 dresses in Topshop.

I think, therefore I don’t really want

This simple philosophy can save you dosh all year round, let alone during the January sales. If you’ve found an item you quite like but you’ve got to think about whether you want it or not, then leave it. Only go for the pieces you need, or really love, no matter how much it's been discounted.