2018 fashion tips

New Years Style Resolutions

The New Year is a time for people to better themselves. For most folks that means giving up booze, ditching the biccies and going to the gym. For serious fashionistas, however, it’s an altogether more profound experience. This is the time of year when we take a good hard look at our wardrobes. From shunning the pesky Ugg boot to championing the classics, here are the New Year’s style resolutions we’ll be following this year.

Invest in the classics

Runway fashion

From the parker coat and chic white shirt, to the flat chelsea boot and LBD, fashion will always have its ageless classics. These staples are always worth investing a little extra money in, because they’re in your wardrobe for the long haul.

Don't take style tips from Kanye West

Kanye west fashion

It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it’s certainly not stylish… Unless beige spandex has always been your thing of course.

Try Colour

Fashion colours

Black is safe, but it’s boring. The tenties are the decade of technicolour, so find your shades and rock them – even if they make you stand out like Anna Wintour traipsing around in Primark.

Don’t follow the trends you don’t like

Be a trend setter

Don’t like that puffa gilet? Despise the plastic choker? Loathe the athletic-wear trend? Don’t sweat it. If you don’t like a trend, there’s absolutely no obligation for you to wear it. Respect your tastes.

Don't be afraid to develop your own style

Own style

Fashion is fleeting, style is forever – so don’t be afraid to do you, even if that breaks every damn rule in the book and you get funny looks from strangers.



More is more, and that’s why they call it more. From Christopher Kane to Erdem, this years runway shows gave us embellishments and accessories galore - so be sure to dress up your outfits like a crimbo tree in 2018.

Ditch the Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots

Just say no.

Buy a leather jacket

Leather jackets

When you’re British, adopting that Cool Britannia style is your birthright, so be sure to invest in a real leather jacket. It’ll rock up every outfit, whether that’s a t-shirt and jeans, or your favourite LBD.

Make people go green with envy

Emerald green fashion

Whether you’re light skinned, dark skinned, brunette, blonde, or strawberry blonde, emerald green is a colour that’ll work for you. It’s like black’s more interesting cousin.

Don’t trust the make-up trends

Makeup trends

Too much contour can make your face look masculine, nose highlighting can make your conk look like a beacon, and there’s such a thing as over-overdrawing your lips… So go easy. What are your New Years style resolutions?