The Ten Best and Worst Dance Offs in Film History

Dance offs are legendary. In fact, they're so legendary, they're basically in every single film that's ever been created! Okay, that's an exaggeration but they are becoming so popular that we wouldn't be surprised if the final battle for the Iron Throne and all of Westeros is a final dance battle. And with so many on-screen arguments being settled by an array of talent, we've seen everything from the funny to the embarrassing, the breathtaking to the head-shaking, so with that in mind, we thought we'd share some of our favourites from worst to best.

10. Nick Frost and Chris O'Dowd in Cuban Fury

If there's one thing these two comedy greats aren't known for, it's their dancing. And there's a reason for that. Though both chuckle-makers managed to cut the rug to a surprisingly impressive degree, their dance off is, well, underwhelming creating hilarious results. Imagine the dancing prowess of Strictly Ballroom mixed with a bit of Hugh Grant fighting in a fountain and you get this adorably funny little number.

9. Seann William Scott in The American Wedding

And from adorably awkward, we go to insufferably cringeworthy with this little ditty from the wholly embarrassing American Pie trilogy. There's no stimulus for embarrassment than arrogance and Stiffler is nothing if not over-confident. And the worst part? This is the type of dance off we can see ourselves getting into on a Friday night.

8. Har Mar Superstar and Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch

Can any dance routine done by Har Mar Superstar really be taken seriously? Well, yes, but this performance that sums up all the awfulness of popular 70s dance sure can't be.

7. Basically the whole cast in White Chicks

If White Chicks has taught us anything, it's that shimmies and shakes by "sexy" girls can't beat talent. This hilariously awkward battle between two groups of power-hungry, shallow socialites quickly devolves - or actually, evolves - into a demonstration of impressive break moves. And remember girls, your hips may not lie on the dance floor but those break dancers will make your head spin.

6. Britney Spears and Mike Myers in Austin Powers Goldmember

Short and sweet, this hilarious dance off parody represents the absurdity of pop culture and comedy in one fell swoop. But who cares about the social critique, it's just one hell of a funny skit!

5. The whole cast of West Side Story

This 1961 film is basically one big dance battle. From elegant pirouettes in the street to a raucous, hip swaying Mambo, this film has every kind of dance off down.

4. Christopher Reed, Tisha Campbell-Martin, A.J. Johnson and Christopher Martin

From the yellow latex and parachute pants to the high tops and ugly suits, this dance off couldn't be more 90s if it tried. And, for the first time, this battle isn't about besting your enemy but impressing them. N'awww.

3. The whole cast of Fast Forward

This little number from 1985 was directed by the legend Sidney Poitier so it's not surprise that this is one of the best dance battles that we've seen on film. Yes, it's outdated but we still love it and it definitely paved the way for all the contemporary dance battle films.

2. Channing Tatum and Briana Evigan in Step Up 2: The Streets

Okay, you may be shouting 'WHAT ABOUT THE RAIN DANCE!?' but bare with us, okay? Yes, the final battle in the rain is pretty awesome and adding water obviously makes it magically more impressive, but this two-person dance off in the club is far more mesmerising than the pitter patter of artificial drops. Not only does it feature a super young and eager Channing Tatum but the use of mini-trampolines is absolutely ingenious. They're so good, we want them in our office!

1. The whole cast of You Got Served

A full five-minutes of flips, tricks and genuine wizardry befits the final battle of the 2004 film that made the term 'you got served' so popular, they made a South Park episode about it is rammed full of dance moves we know we shouldn't try at home but definitely want to know how to do.

So, that's our list, but we know that there are thousands of dance-offs out there that can hold the number one spot in your studio, so what's your favourite?