Carly Simon

Nobody does it better than Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Carly Simon, though you're so vain if you think she's singing about you.

The daughter of Richard Simon, co-founder of the Simon and Schuster publishing empire, Carly attended Riverdale county school and spent two years at the elite Sarah Lawrence school, before dropping out to form a folk duo with her sister Lucy.

They billed themselves as the Simon Sisters and managed to get work at small clubs and coffee houses in the early 60s.

Her first Top 10 hit, That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be, won her the Best New Artist Grammy Award, and was soon followed by Anticipation, and her album No Secrets, with its smash hit You're So Vain.

Newly married to James Taylor, Simon piled up a series of bestselling albums, before performing Nobody Does It Better, the theme song to the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, which became an international smash hit.

Sustained good sales continued with 1978's You Belong To Me and the album Boys In The Trees, but Simon's career then went into decline, with none of her early 1980s albums scoring commercial successes. Following her divorce from James Taylor, she also stopped performing live.

1987 saw a turnaround, with the theme for Heartburn - Coming Around Again becoming a big hit. The album of the same name was a bestseller and charted for well over a year.

Her iconic status secured, she was then able to release albums at a more relaxed pace, which allowed her to be more adventurous in her writing and creativity, and critical and commercial success followed.

A fight with breast cancer in 1997 and the subsequent depression she experienced due to chemotherapy have only served to heighten her song writing capabilities, and the fully recovered Simon remains a notable presence in the media and music industry.