Diane Keaton

American actress Diane Keaton was born Diane Hall in California in 1946. Diane headed for New York when she turned 19 to pursue acting at the ‘Neighbourhood Playhouse School of the Theatre’.

In 1968, she understudied for the Broadway musical ‘Hair’ and it was whilst working on Broadway that she met Woody Allen, eventually starring in his ‘Play It Again Sam’ production in 1969.

Making her film debut with ‘Lovers and Other Strangers’ in 1970, she shot to major attention two years later as Michael Corleone’s love interest in ‘The Godfather’.

By now romantically linked with Allen, she filmed ‘Play it Again Sam’ in 1972, and appeared in Allen’s ‘Sleeper’ a year later. Keaton’s star rose further with another Allen film, ‘Love and Death’ before starring in ‘The Godfather Part II’.

After two relative flops, ‘Harry and Walter Go To New York’ and ‘I Will, I Will for Now’, she appeared in ‘The Primary English Class’ on the New York stage.

In 1977 Diane Keaton re-united with Allen for their fourth film together, the critical and popular smash ‘Annie Hall’. The film won a Best Picture Oscar, and gained Keaton an Oscar for Best Actress.

Following it with ‘Looking for Mr. Dunbar’, she made two more Allen films, ‘Interiors’ and ‘Manhattan’, Allen’s masterpiece.

Keaton then began a romance with Warren Beatty, with whom she co-starred in ‘Reds’. After her success with ‘Crimes of the Heart’, she directed her first film, the documentary ‘Heaven’.

After the smash hit ‘Baby Boom’ the same year, she appeared in Allen’s ‘Radio Days’ and, whilst pursuing directing opportunities, popped up in The ‘Godfather Part III’ and ‘The Father of the Bride’.

In the 1990s, she directed music videos, an episode of ‘Twin Peaks’ and the film ‘Unstrung Heroes’.

She starred with Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn in ‘The First Wives Club’ in 1996, and received another Oscar nomination for ‘Marvin’s Room’ in 1998. Later notable films include 'Morning Glory' (2010) and 'The Big Wedding' (2013).