Jaclyn Smith

She was the model Charlie's Angel: fit, healthy and never a hair out of place. A Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of Jackie O followed her crime-busting career and as an actress, she's never looked back...

Jaclyn Ellen Smith was born in Houston, Texas, to Margaret Ellen and dentist Jack Smith. After attending Trinity University and the University of San Antonio, brunette Jaclyn Smith moved to New York with dreams of becoming a ballerina but she soon flourished as a model and cover girl instead. Her first foray into TV was in ads for Listerine, among many others.

Making her first film appearance in 1969, Smith endured such negligible movie projects as 'The Moonshiners' (1974), before achieving stardom as Kelly Garrett, showgirl-turned Private Investigator, on the spectacularly successful TV series, 'Charlie's Angels'.

She was the only member of the original Angels to remain with the series from its debut in 1976 to its final telecast in 1981. Like her 'Charlie's Angels' cohorts, Cheryl Ladd and Farrah Fawcett, Smith went on to a busy career in made-for-TV movies, efficiently playing the title roles in 'Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy' (1982) and 'Florence Nightingale' (1985).

In 1989, she returned to the weekly-TV grind as star of the mystery series, 'Christine Cromwell'. She was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That same year, Hollywood insiders voted Smith as one of the nicest and most cooperative actresses in the business (her 'Charlie's Angels' co-star, Kate Jackson, was elected one of the least likeable performers in Tinseltown).

She returned to making TV movies including 'Lies before Kisses' (1991), 'Married to a Stranger' (1997) and 'Three Secrets' in 2000, to name but a few. The actress returned to a recurring TV show in 2002 in the form of 'The District' in which she played Vanessa Cavanaugh until 2004. After a five year absence, Smith returned to TV to play a retired police officer in 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' in March 2010.

She launched a collection of women's clothing for Kmart in 1985, which is now known by 80 per cent of Americans. Her clothing caters for females aged between 35 and 60, while more than 100 million items having been sold ever since.

Smith also launched her own perfume when she fronted an ad campaign for Max Factor and in 2002, she unveiled her own home furnishings line.

Jaclyn Smith has been married four times, firstly to actor Roger Davies between 1968 and 1975 and then to actor Dennis Cole, who appeared on 'Charlie's Angels'. They wed in 1978 but divorced in 1981.

In 1981, she married cinematographer Tony Richmond, with whom she had two children called Gaston (1982) and Spencer (1985). They divorced in 1989, Smith has been married to heart surgeon Brad Allen since 1997.