Kristen Stewart

A young actress who isn't afraid to take on gritty roles. She came to fame as Bella Swan in the Twilight series and has recently courted controversy in her private life.

Although Kristen Jayne Stewart is best known for her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight saga, she has worked as an actress from a young age and isn't afraid to take on the toughest of roles.

She was born on 9 April 1990 in Los Angeles, California, to parents John and Jules Stewart who also both work in TV and film. Kristen has an older brother called Cameron who now works as a grip. Her mother is a scriptwriter, while her father is a TV producer for Fox.

Perhaps it is no surprise then that Stewart decided to pursue a film career and is now a promising young actress. She went to school until seventh grade after which she continued her education via correspondence and a private tutor. That's because her career started when she was just eight-years-old. A talent scout saw her performance in a Christmas school play and decided she should be on-screen. Minor roles in The 'Thirteenth Year' (1999) and 'The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas' (2000) followed.

Stewart's first significant role came in 2001 when she was cast as Sam Jennings in 'The Safety of Objects' with Glenn Close. This was then followed by a starring role in 'Panic Room' alongside Jodie Foster in 2002. For the latter performance, Stewart was nominated for a Young Artist Award.

Due to her performance in the aforementioned movie, she was given a role in 2003's 'Cold Creek Manor' as the daughter of Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone. While the film did not perform well at the box office, she received another Young Artist Award nomination. This was followed by parts in 'Speak', 'Catch That Kid', 'Undertow', 'Fierce People', 'Zathura' and 'The Messengers', to name just a few.

Her next notable role occurred in 2007 when she starred in 'Into The Wild', which was a critically acclaimed biopic with Sean Penn. Stewart once again received a Young Artist Award nomination. The same year she appeared in 'The Cake Eaters'.

At the age of just 18, she took on her most famous role as Bella Swan who falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen, who is played by Robert Pattinson. They starred in 'Twilight' in 2008, with the film opening to fans anxious to see the Stephanie Meyer novel brought to life. She reprised this role in 'New Moon' (2009), 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' (2010), 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part One' (2011) and 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part Two' (2012).

Not only did these films make Stewart a star, due to the huge following of both the books and movies, she started dating her co-star Pattinson. Notoriously private about their love life, the couple did not reveal much about their relationship but they did move in together.

In terms of her career, 'Twilight' led to roles in the indie film 'Adventureland' in 2009, 'Welcome To The Rileys' in 2010 and gritty roles in 'The Runaways' (2010) and 'On The Road' (2012). Also in 2012, Stewart played Snow White in 'Snow White and the Huntsman', which was directed by Rupert Sanders. Rumours of an affair between Stewart and the married director emerged in July this year when photos of the pair together were published.

Stewart issued a statement confirming she had betrayed her boyfriend Pattinson and was deeply sorry for any pain she had caused. Since then she has been criticised in the media, and planned to stay away from the premiere of 'On the Road'. Both R-Pattz and K-Stew remained silent over the state of their relationship but the Sun reported that Pattinson was selling the home they had shared since September 2011.

Her future after Twilight looks set to be a lucrative one if she can rescue her reputation after her fling with Sanders, with rumours that she will be returning as Snow White in 'Snow White and the Huntsman 2'.

On fame, she told Vogue: "People expect it to be easy because there you are, out there, doing the thing that you want and making lots of money out of it. 

"But, you know, I'm not that smooth. I can get clumsy around certain people. Like if I were to sit down and think, 'OK, I’m really famous, how am I going to conduct myself in public?' I wouldn't know who that person would be!"