Lisa Marie Presley

Being the daughter of Elvis Presley hasn’t been easy but Lisa Marie is a born survivor


Lisa Marie Presley was born in Memphis Tennessee, February 1968. At the age of five her parents divorced and she divided her time between Beverley Hills with her mother and Graceland with her father. Lisa Marie was at the house when Elvis died in 1977 and he left his entire estate to her and her grandfather, Vernon, who died shortly after.

Lisa Marie's late adolescent years were filled with drugs and alcohol until, aged eighteen -following in the footsteps her mother, Priscilla- she became a Scientologist.

In 1988, she married musician Danny Keough and had two children. The marriage lasted five and a half years. Twenty days after her split with Keough, Presley married Michael Jackson. Throughout its duration their marriage became the focal point of tabloids which, arguably, added additional strain to the fragile relationship. Presley filed for divorce in January 1996.

Still in the limelight, Presley appeared on the cover of Vogue and made the news after establishing 'Elvis Presley's Memphis', a now successful restaurant and nightclub. When she turned thirty she inherited her father’s entire estate, an estimated $100 million. Her engagement and subsequent break-up with John Oszajca and her brief marriage to Nicolas Cage in 2002, an Elvis Presley super-fan, were popular news stories.

In the same year she won the Humanitarian Award from the World Literacy Crusade following her efforts to help American children learn study skills, though this organisation has been criticised as being a front for Scientology. She also addressed a congressional hearing opposing the use of drugs to treat ADHD, to some effect too, in 2004 President Bush prohibited forced psychiatric drugging of children.

Lisa Marie also oversees the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation which provides homeless families one year of rent-free accommodation, child-care and counselling in an effort to break the poverty cycle. The EPCF also funds the Elvis Presley music room, essentially, free access to instruments and tuition therein. 

She released her debut album, 'To Whom It May Concern', in April 2003. It reached number 5 in the album charts and was favourably received by critics.

In December 2005, Presley and her mother appeared at the gala opening of Scientology's controversial ‘Psychiatry: An Industry of Death’ Museum. The same year she released ‘Now What’ in which she co-wrote ten songs in addition to recording covers. Her latest 2012 release ‘Storm and Grace’ was considered by many to be the best of her career.

Since 2010 she’s been living in London with her husband of eight years, Michael Lockwood and her twin girls and son and daughter from her marriage to Danny Keough, who served as best man at the couple’s wedding.