Roseanne Barr

After dropping out of school, Barr moved to a Colorado hippie commune, where she met Bill Pentland. They married in 1973 and moved to Denver, where they had three children, but struggled financially.

Impressed by her quick, caustic wit and funny insights into women, men, and domestic life, friends suggested she take her stories on stage at a local comedy club.

Within a few years, she had become one of the most popular stand-up acts in Denver and, in 1983, headed for Hollywood.

She quickly landed a gig at the Comedy Store, and then appeared on the ABC television special, 'Funny'. During a rehearsal, she was spotted by a talent scout from 'The Tonight Show', who promptly booked her for an appearance.

In 1988, her innovative and distinguished television sitcom, 'Roseanne', debuted on ABC. It centered on the struggles of an overweight, domineering mother and her raucous, working-class family. Often on the brink of financial and personal crisis, they always pull through. Until its last two seasons, 'Roseanne' topped the ratings, and won numerous awards and honours.

Roseanne's personal life was often reflected on the air. When she underwent breast reduction surgery, her character did too. When she married Tom Arnold in 1990, he became a part of the show and she billed herself as Roseanne Arnold.

When the marriage broke up, he disappeared and she began billing herself as 'Roseanne' again .

She then married her body guard, Ben Thomas, and, at the age of 43, the couple had a child through in vitro fertilization. Her character Roseanne Conner also got pregnant. Her series ended in May 1997. The couple split in 2002. She is currently in a relationship with johnny Argent.

Over her career, Roseanne has received numerous awards, including an Emmy, several People's Choice Awards, Golden Globes, and an American Comedy Award. Recent television appearances include parts in 'The Office' and 'The Millers'.