Tatum O'Neal

The daughter of actors Ryan O'Neal and Joanna Moore, Tatum O’Neal is the youngest ever recipient of the Academy Award.

Sassy, smart-mouthed, precocious and full of talent, she landed the role in ‘Paper Moon’ alongside her father and promptly walked away with the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award. Winning such an award at such an early age enabled her to demand a profit percentage on follow-up film, ‘Bad News Bears’. The film proved to be another big hit and for a while she became Hollywood's most wanted child actor

As O'Neal got older, the roles offered to her became fewer in number. Roles in ‘Little Darlings’ and ‘Circle of Two’, in which she appeared topless with Richard Burton, were not well received. Plagued by drugs, booze and depression, teenage Tatum took a nosedive. At 20, she left her troubles behind to pursue love and motherhood with Tennis bad boy John McEnroe. But three kids and one rocky marriage later, Tatum’s hopes for happiness ended in one of the most vicious divorce and custody battles in history.

In her 40s, Tatum decided that it was time to go public and 2004 saw her release her autobiography, ‘A Paper Life’.