The Chemical Brothers

Since they first met over a decade ago, The Chemical Brothers have been on a mission. Their aims: to find the sounds no one has heard before, to push their music as far as it will go AND to make each record fresher and more exciting than the last. Since the explosion of what record industry folks are calling ‘electronica’, the techno-spinning duo of Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands has become somewhat of a sensation.

Tom and Ed met at the University of Manchester. In 1992, they signed with deConstruction, calling themselves The Dust Brothers. In 1995, The Dust Brothers became The Chemical Brothers and their first LP ‘Exit Planet Dust’ was released in 1997. It sold 275,000 copies in Britain alone and over a million copies worldwide, their second offering ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ was unleashed to rave reviews. ‘Block Rockin' beats’, the opening track, to that album swiftly became their second number one UK single. ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ went on to achieve gold status in the USA, selling 500,000 there and over two million worldwide.

The band has a huge underground following and their club gigs are always an instant sell-out. They have also turned their hands to movie soundtracks, composing the electrnic score for the 2011 film 'Hanna'.