The Darkness

The Hawkins brothers – Justin and his kid brother, Dan – are the core and founders of the Darkness. Growing up in Lowestoft in Suffolk, the boys learnt the guitar young, and started a covers band, with Dan singing.

While Justin went off to be a student in Huddersfield, Dan moved to London scouting for a band to join. He met Frankie Poullain and they moved into a flat in Shepherd’s Bush, provided beds to needy musicians and jammed. Justin, and Dan's school friend, Ed Graham, a drummer, would visit on weekends. Their music got progressively heavier, influenced by AC/DC.

On Millennium Eve, Justin entered a karaoke contest and amazed his brother with his star jumps to 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Justin became the front man.

Their first album, 'Permission to Land 2003', opens with a tribute to the legendary Suffolk beast - Black Shuck - a huge dog. The album reached No. 1 and Robbie Willams invited them to support him at Knebworth, securing their rock profile.

They released two further albums; 'One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back' (2005) and 'Hot Cakes' (2012).