The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were formed in 1983 by school friends Antony Kleidis and Michael Balzary, better known by his stage-name, ‘Flea.’

The band debuted at the Los Angeles Rhythm Lounge as ‘Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem’, with Kleidis on vocals and Balzary on bass guitar, accompanied by Jack Irons and Hillel Slovak. Six months later they were recruited and renamed by EMI.

The ‘Chili Peppers’, as they are known to their fans, have had an ever-changing line-up over their twenty year career. Slovak and Irons were replaced by Jack Sherman and Cliff Martinez for the group’s eponymous debut album, released in August 1984. Slovak returned to the line-up for 1985’s follow up, 'Freaky Styley'.

Slovak took a fatal overdose of heroin on 27th June 1988. A brief hiatus followed, after which the band recruited guitarist John Frusciante and achieved their first commercial success, with 1989’s 'Mother’s Milk', which sold more than one million copies in its first year of release. They compounded their success with 1991’s 'Blood Sugar Sex Magic’, having moved to the Warner Brothers label the same year.

The group won the first of their two Grammy Awards in 1993, in the category of Best Hard Rock Performance for the single 'Give it Away’. Shortly after, Frusciante left to pursue a solo career, and was replaced by ex-Jane’s Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro. The band’s commercial success was assured following the release of 1995’s 'One Hot Minute', after which Navarro left, enabling Frusciante to return to the line-up after a period of six years.

The Chili Peppers’ last two releases, 1999’s 'Californication' and 2002’s 'By the Way’, have achieved significant critical and commercial success. In February 2002 the group were awarded their second Grammy in the category of Best Rock Song for the single, 'Scar Tissue'. 

In 2006, the band released their ninth studio album 'Stadium Arcadium' which included hits such as 'Danny California'. This ended up being the group's fastest-selling single ever.

The album was released as a 28 track double CD and they released nine of their ten B-sides separately. It was their first album to reach the top spot in the US charts.

It also reached number one in the UK and 25 other countries, as well as being named the best-selling album of the year, with more than seven million copies being sold.

Following the release of this album, the group enjoyed a world tour and won five Grammys.

The band took a hiatus between 2008 and October 2009, when it was revealed that Frusciante had left the band.

Instead, Josh Klinghoffer was revealed as the guitarist that would feature on the group's tenth studio album.

This album, called 'I'm With You', was released on 29 August 2011. Single 'The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie' was first aired on the radio on July of that year.

Tickets for the band's first tour of the UK since 2006 also went on sale at this time, with the Red Hot Chilis preparing to play at the O2 in Dublin on 4 November, the O2 in London on 7, 9 and 10 of November, and the SECC in Glasgow on 12 November, to name but a few. They are also currently working on their next album.

Numerous world tours, as well as multi-platinum and gold records, have cemented the Red Hot Chili Peppers' reputation as a heavyweight rock outfit.