Australia's Next Top Model


Top Model Around The World

When you think about Next Top Model, chances are that three things happen to you: the first is that you hear the theme song in your head, the second is that you see Tyra Banks in a kooky leotard and the third is that you unconsciously mouth the words "You are no longer in the running to become America's Next Top Model".

The Top Model format kicked off in America when we were all young and impressionable and in awe of Tyra's ability to smize – but the format has since gone global. BNTM proves that, with Abbey Clancy a serious contender for our fav head judge – but we bet you've never realised just how close Next Top Model has come to taking over the world.

Did you know all this?

  • Next Top Model is watched in over 120 countries and has produced over 180 seasons (cycles, if you're in the know, darling).
  • The Next Top Model format has been adopted in over 56 countries, including New Zealand, Malta and Vietnam.
  • The latest Top Model winner is Fabian Herzgsell, who won cycle 7 of Austria's Next Top Model.
  • Each cycle of ANTM is completely shot nearly a year before broadcast.
  • Top Model founder Tyra Banks has long claimed that her modelling career was stunted by the fact that she rose to fame at the same time as Naomi Campbell. She has claimed that Naomi had her removed from catwalks and events to avoid the competition.
  • To enter BNTM, you must be at least 5'8 tall and be aged between 18 and 23.
  • Holland's Next Top Model just crowned the franchise's first ever transgender model, 20 year old Loiza Lameras.
  • Danni Minogue, Julien MacDonald and Whitney Port have all been judges on BNTM.
  • Back in 2008, the contestants in ANTM were housed in a $6 Million super-luxurious apartment in Tribeca. The landlord later claimed that the contestants had left it a disaster zone after having food fights and messing up the floors with their heels. The repairs reportedly cost the franchise approximately $500,000.
  • There have been 10 series of Britain's Next Top Model, with the first series airing in 2005.
  • Confessionals are mandatory. You know the part where the girls sit in front of the camera, and always end up saying something really terrible and damning about the least-popular contestant? It's part of the process.