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Sarah Merriman on Born this way

Photos courtesy of Fiona Yaron-Field; Nadia Bettega; and members and supporters of the DSA

Do you find there is enough representation in media of people with Down's Syndrome?

It’s getting better and great reality shows in UK and USA. I love Born This Way.It treats the cast with respect. There are more characters with Down’s syndrome on television and films- so that is good.

Do you think any representation that is out there is appropriate?

Mainly okay, although in dramas, they are often they are seen as victims and not heroes. That’s not good.

What would be one thing you'd like to share about yourself?

I work in a hotel in Central London and was in also in a television show Kitchen Impossible about adults with learning disabilities being found work in catering and hospitality. It was great. My dad has written another book about me and I am excited. I have a boyfriend, Leon and live in supported housing. I love music and dancing. My favourite group at the moment is Atomic Kitten. (Sorry, that is more than one thing!)

If you could give the cast of Born This Way any advice, what would it be?

I love all of them. They are amazing and they know how to be themselves. I like the way they say ‘Don’t limit me!’ My friend Lily and her boyfriend Jonny, who live in LA were in one episode of Born This Way when they gave advice to Christina and Angel about married life. Listen to Lily. She’s cool!