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Icons of the British rock and roll modelling scene

Britain's Most Rock 'n' Roll Fashion Models Ever

If there’s one thing we as a nation do better than any other (besides moaning about the weather) it’s producing uber-cool fashion models. While their sisters in the US are often preened and polished divas, Britain’s beauties are notorious for being a bit more edgy – think rock star chums, inebriated escapades and all-round swagger. Check this lot out.

Agyness Deyn

Rock and Roll British female model

While Agyness Deyn hasn’t graced the glossies in a little while, her cool credentials were enough to rival Mossy’s back in the late-noughties. Famous for her quirky dress sense and androgynous blonde barnet, she entered the scene as the strutting embodiment of British bolshiness. And with her string of musician lovers and penchant for partying with her achingly hip pals, she’s certainly lived the rock ‘n’ roll life. These days, though, she’s swapped hard partying and catwalk shows for acting – along with a whole new image.


60's British Modelling Icon

While she’s got a more mumsy image these days thanks to her association with Marks and Sparks, 60s icon Twiggy has certainly done it all. During her youth, this grande dame of fashion rubbed shoulders with everyone from the Beatles to Bowie, even appearing on the latter’s Pin Ups album cover alongside the great man. What’s more, she even got a mention in his single Drive-In Saturday – now you don’t get much more rock ‘n’ roll than that.

Naomi Campbell

Fierce and pioneering British model

Champagne-soaked parties, private jets, yachts, and hanging around at Mick Jagger’s pad - Miss Campbell certainly lives like a rock star. When it came to her temper in the late-noughties however, her shocking behavior was enough to make Marilyn Manson look like Shirley Temple. The 2008 Heathrow Airport meltdown (reportedly sparked over lost luggage) was the most infamous incident of all, and saw her swearing, kicking, and spitting at police officers – to the tune of 200 hours community service.

Ella Richards

Born from rock royalty into top line modelling

Young? Check. Beautiful? Check. Modeled for major fashion houses, including British staple Burberry? Check. Fresh-face Ella Richards has everything a model needs to succeed, and when it comes to being rock and roll she does it without even trying. Her granddad is rock star Keith Richards, her grandmother was Italian style icon Anita Pallenberg, and her great-grandmother was top 50s model Maxime de la Falaise. Basically, being ridiculously cool is in her DNA.

Kate Moss

Quintessential Rock and Roll Queen of British Modelling

Well of course Kate Moss was going to be on this list, right? The single most rock ‘n’ roll woman in fashion, Kate Moss earned her stripes with vigorous partying, an effortlessly cool dress sense, and lovers that have included Johnny Depp, Pete Doherty and Jamie Hince. What’s more, she also featured in various music videos for bands like Primal Scream. Of course, the Croydon girl hasn’t done it without breaking a few rules along the way. Alongside the infamous 2005 drugs scandal, Miss Moss caused a ruckus on an easyJet flight in 2015, by drunkenly calling a member of staff a “basic b****” when she was refused alcohol. Ironically she’d just returned from a luxury detox spa in Turkey to celebrate bezzie mate Sadie Frost’s 50th birthday. The rock gods would’ve approved.