Britain's Next Top Model

Britain's Next Top Model Season 12

Episode One: Best and Worst

Highlights from the fairytale episode of #BNTM

So, the new series of Britain’s Next Top Model has successfully left us speechless. With so many twists and turns we didn’t know what to expect! From the reveal of guest judge to the shocking DOUBLE ELIMINATION. Which girl stood out… and who was sent home?

The girls all had the chance to meet each other and introduce themselves to us for the very first time. Efi, the beautiful curvy lady, Shaunagh, this enchanting welsh woman and Alisia, the self-proclaimed Naomi Campbell just to name a few. Just as we were getting to know the girls, we all dropped dead at the mere sight of Abbey’s entrance. Dressed for the Gods Abbey came in and dropped them right out of their comfort zones and into their insecurities!

Stripped of all make up and clothing reduced to a nude bodysuit, the girls had to perform their first runway in front of the head judge herself. Some set the bar high and soared, Like Sophia and Shaunagh, whilst others faded into the background like Kira and Ocean. But the best part of it all you ask? Alisia breaking all rules and asking to do her walk again! Which some girls did not take lightly…

Yep the other girls being Sophia. But let’s be honest… Shaunagh said it best…


Especially considering Abbey expected there to actually be some improvement. But that wasn’t the only drama… Martha fainted leaving everyone speechless.

She’s ok though, Abbey gave her a hug ☺️.

But hey! It was the girls first week… Give them a break!

The girls where then introduced to Nicky where their first photoshoot was revealed… Modelling for Argos jewelry x Revere x Abbey Clancy. TALK ABOUT PRESSURE! But that wasn’t all the judges had up their sleeves. Remember international model/ new judge Max? Or shall we say, “super- undercover- prince- charming- look- a- like- spy”! Well, Nicky & Abbey brought him in as an undercover model, and whilst some girls had their reservations about Max… No one imagined he too will be judging them.

So, let’s get straight into who the judges favorites were and which girls' fairytale was cut short.

Efi stunned the judges… both in her runway and in her shoot, standing out as professional and someone who clearly knows her angles!

But it was Shaunagh who took home the win, being the first to be called up for acing both the walk and shoot… And do we blame them?

She looks absolutely stunning!

Unfortunately, a double elimination was announced which left the Ocean, Kira and Gabriella in the bottom three.

With only three boxes left, and only one of them containing a crown, it was Kira that had received a second chance. What do you think? Do you think Kira deserved to stay? Vote below!