Britain's Next Top Model

Britain's Next Top Model Season 12

Jennifer’s best moments

Jennifer made it to the top three in Season 11! To celebrate her being so close to becoming Britain’s Next Top Model let’s take a look back at her best moments in the competition.

At the beginning of the competition Jennifer revealed that she had camptodactyly, a medical condition that causes the fingers to be permanently bent, and to be honest we never noticed it

A stand out moment from the competition, Jennifer’s vlog challenge.

Oh wait, it gets better! Let's just say things escalated rather quickly

Another moment with a well-deserved spot on our list has to be “that night”. You know what night we’re talking about… 

But “nothing happened” right Jennifer

When Jen won the Dorothy Perkins challenge

Jennifer was P - E - to the TT - Y and we loved it

Like the time when Alannah had to choose between Bianca and Simone

Regardless of their arguments, Jen was always a great friend.

Another moment for the books, Jen making it into the water…

Once she conquered her fear she couldn’t get enough of the water…

Or maybe she could. Watching Jennifer slay shoots even though she was ill.

Lastly, her facial expressions put us in stitches.

When she found out they had a house with a pool!

Good Luck Jennifer! Do you want Jennifer to win BNTM