Britain's Next Top Model

Britain's Next Top Model Season 12

Meet the Girls of cycle 12

It's a new cycle, with a new judge, and a new look. Britain's Next Top Model is back for a 12th cycle and it has more surprises than ever! Not to mention, 13 beautiful girls all competing for the chance to become Britian's Next Top Model. 

So... while we wait patiently for the cycle to start, why don't we get to know the girls that will be going for the crown! 

The Hyperactive English Rose

Full Name: Tamsin Hough   

Hometown: Cornwall

Age: 19

Height (feet & Inches): 5ft 8

Occupation: Business student

Bubbly Tamsin is a huge fan of Britain’s Next Top Model and is stepping into the competition fearless and ready to give everything to each challenge. Raised in Cornwall, the typical English Rose believes her long, slender legs are her standout feature.

She describes herself as constantly hyper with a loud personality and says her ‘hyper-ness’ can annoy people sometimes. However, she is also ridiculously competitive and worries that she could find it hard to make friends inside the model house as she always wants to be on top.

Tamsin says she used to be scared of bras and when she was 11 she made a wish that she would never grow breasts - this is a decision she now regrets slightly.

A girl that likes to make an entrance

Full Name: Sophia Chawki

Hometown: Brentwood

Age: 20

Height (feet & Inches): 5ft 9

Occupation: Patient Coordinator for a Plastic Surgeon

Sophia was delivered by her brother after a very short labour in the family home which lead to her first television appearance on The Big Breakfast with Chris Evans and the late Paula Yates.

Feisty Sophia’s determination has persisted throughout her life as she rejects the need for strategy in the competition, claiming that winning simply comes as second nature to her. Put simply, Sophia’s philosophy is ‘throw me in the snake pit and I’ll come out wearing snake-skin boots!’

Sophia believes that her natural beauty and fun, crazy personality makes her the ideal candidate to model commercially for brands such as Maybelline New York.

Flame-haired Go-Getter

Full Name: Shaunagh Slattery

Hometown: Port Talbot

Age: 21

Height (feet & Inches): 5’7

Occupation: Student (Child Development)

Passionate Shaunagh is determined to succeed in the competition admitting that when she wants something that she will ‘jump through fire hoops to get it ‘and said that she doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer straight away

She has previously modelled for a TV advert for Marie Claire and believes that her red hair and unique, petite features will be what sets her apart in the competition and she is convinced she can win over the judges by staying true to herself.

Shaunagh admitted that she does enjoy being the center of attention and is not willing to ‘take any crap’ from anyone in the model house. The self-proclaimed ‘clean freak’ says that her fiery mood can be set off by people who eat loudly around her and when she is surrounded by someone else’s mess.

The Girl Next Door

Full name: Ocean Lane

Hometown: Swindon

Age: 19

Height: 5’8

Occupation: Works in Tesco and a Vintage on-line shop

Ocean’s strategy for doing well in the competition is not to concern herself too much on the other models and focus on her own success. She believes her calm, reserved attitude won’t hold her back in a household of big, loud personalities. The 19 year old checkout girl wants people who are watching to be able to relate to her down-to-earth personality.

Ocean’s favourite features are her freckles and she thinks that her afro hair gives her versatility; transforming easily from being youthful and care-free to edgy and fierce.

She lives at home in Swindon with her mum and her sister and her idea of a nightmare housemate would be someone who is loud and loves to put others down. Her friends describe her as someone who always has a smile on their face and she believes she will give 100% to any challenge put in front of her.

The Eccentric Painter and Decorator

Full Name: Martha Miller

Hometown: Brighton

Age: 23

Height (feet & Inches): 5ft 8

Occupation: Painter and decorator

Martha spends her days as a painter and decorator in Brighton and Cambridge but says she would rather be in an open field with lots of fairy lights, space hoppers and disco balls.

Her biggest secret is that she finds it hard to talk to people with bad teeth and tends to stare at their mouths when they talk.

Living in the chaotic model house shouldn’t be a problem for Martha who grew up in squats in East London with her punk rock mum and older sister.

Fake people and attention-seekers get on Martha’s nerves and she confesses to not always thinking before she speaks. Her hobbies include roller-skating in her leopard print skates and hula-hooping and her girl crush is model Cara Delevigne.

The Scottish Country Girl

Full name: Kira MacLean

Hometown: Nairn, Scotland

Age: 23

Height: 5’9

Occupation: Hospitality in a golf club

Born in the Highlands of Scotland, Kira describes herself as an outdoorsy girl and has been horse riding since she was three. She spends her time working in her local golf club serving drinks to all the sporting members as they come off the golf course.

Obsessed with skincare products, fresh-faced, Kira dreams of one day being the face of a famous make-up brand and being on billboards all over the country.

Kira is ready to move to the city from her small town and pursue her modelling dreams and hopes that Britain’s Next Top Model will give her the opportunity to rub shoulders with the rich and famous instead. Determined to win, she said ‘I feel like if I don't give it my all now I never will.’

The Welsh Tomboy

Full Name: Gabriella Jukes

Hometown: Port Talbot

Age: 20

Height (feet & Inches): 5ft 8.5

Occupation: 2nd year student and part time Tesco worker

Coming from a small town in South Wales, Gabriella has big dreams of making it in the modelling industry with ambition to match. The blonde beauty describes herself as a bit of a tomboy; currently studying for a sports degree at the University of South Wales and even practising karate for 10 years, just missing out on earning herself a black belt.

She has been modelling since she was 17 for local Welsh brands and also took part in the official Miss Wales contest last year where she made it to the top 5. A fluent Welsh speaker, Gabriella feels the most comfortable in front of the camera and believes simply ‘being herself’ will be enough for her to become Britain’s Next Top Model. The part-time Tesco worker is determined to swap the checkout for the catwalk.

The Horror Film Junkie

Full Name: Ivy Watson

Hometown: Lincoln

Age: 22

Height (feet & Inches): 5ft 10

Occupation: Hotel receptionist

Hotel receptionist, Ivy is described by her friends as a bit of an agony aunt and would encourage the models to open up about their problems in the house. A self-confessed perfectionist, Ivy says she struggles to take criticism but there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do on a photoshoot.

This horror film junkie has felt insecure in the past about her long neck and pale skin but is determined now to embrace everything that makes her unique and succeed in the competition, no matter what cost. In the past Ivy has had some experience with hair modelling but feels that Britain’s Next Top Model will take her straight to high fashion catwalks and give her everything else that comes with the supermodel lifestyle.

The Jet-Setting Fashionista

Full Name: Louisa Northcote

Hometown: London

Age: 20

Height (feet & Inches): 5ft 9

Occupation: Fashion buying student at the London College of Fashion

Fashion student Louisa was born in Singapore, and grew up in Dubai where she was a successful vlogger. She has declared that she ‘lives and breathes fashion’ and treats every day like a fashion show.

Louisa’s blog was featured in magazines such as Grazia, Hello and Elle and she loves to take photos of every experience she has with her family and friends. She has studied photography, textiles, history and even modelled for Kim Kardashian’s favourite shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti. Louisa admitted she would miss her artist boyfriend the most during her time in the competition. She has already had a taste of the limelight, treading the boards during her time in Dubai and starring in production such as, Oliver and Annie and now hopes that Britain’s Next Top Model will give her another chance in the spotlight.

The Gossip Girl

Full name: Georgia Mason Mottram

Hometown: Surrey

Age: 18

Height: 5’9.5

Occupation: Student at Sussex University studying Film

Georgia is currently studying Film at the University of Sussex but her main passions are musical theatre and athletics. Her friends describe her as ‘weird’ but she boasts of how much they all love her social media antics.

Georgia admits she does like to gossip but believes that her bubbly, feisty personality is what will set her apart in the competition from other models. She doesn’t want to stand in silence acting as a ‘coat hanger’ but instead leave a long lasting impression with the judges. Georgia credits her time at Youth Theatre for bring her out of her shell and giving her the confidence to take part in Britain’s Next Top Model.

She declared that she would not like to be in the model house with ‘someone who is self-absorbed and pompous’ and added, ‘I cannot stress how much I dislike people who think the world revolves around them and thinks they are superior to others.’

The Quirky Italian Artist

Full name: Efi Muntoni-Clements

Hometown: London

Age: 21

Height: 5’11

Occupation: Artist

Half-Italian bombshell Efi would describe her look as quite edgy and grungy with boho vibes.

Efi has already had a taste of the modelling experience; having already had her face on a billboard in East London. She lives at home with her mother and sister and spends her days creating and selling crafts on Etsy. Her latest creations are her homemade Harry Potter wands.

Efi loves to see her personality reflected in her look and changes her hair colour frequently. Her locks have been dyed pink, purple, green, blue, orange and red. She now says it’s in a bit of state so she is looking forward to a Britain’s Next Top Model makeover. The creative beauty loves reading, painting and her dogs.

Voluptuous Efi has promised to cast a spell on our judges by proving that not all models need to be a size zero to strut their stuff on the catwalk.

The Feisty Naomi Campbell-lookalike

Full name: Alisia Grant

Hometown: Birmingham

Age: 19

Height: 5’10

Occupation: Works in the Co-op

Fierce Alisia believes that, based on the daily compliments she receives, that she has what it takes to become Britain’s Next Top Model. Often compared to Naomi Campbell because of her impossibly high cheekbones and feline-shaped eyes, the only Brummie contest this year has been described by her own mum as a bit ‘cheeky and vain.’

Makeup addict Alisia confesses that she loves to twerk in the mirror and her idea of a dream night out would include a red carpet, celebrities and paparazzi. She admits that what interests her most is taking selfies and watching reality TV. Alisia also describes herself as ‘bubbly but with a wild streak.’

Alisia also spends her spare time doing nails for herself and her friends. She hates gossip and declared that she struggles to calm down after arguments.

The Mancunian Party Girl

Full name: Cirrah Leah Webb

Hometown: Manchester

Age: 18

Height: 5’8

Occupation: Part time waitress

This FKA Twigs lookalike feels like her unique look will set her apart from the other models in this year’s competition. Outgoing Cirrah Leah is a party animal who hates staying in and loves any opportunity to go out dancing. Her dream night out is one where there is plenty of free alcohol and even confesses her friends describe her as ‘a bit mad.’

Previously modelling in a campaign for Sports Direct, Mancunian Cirrah Leah already knows that modelling is her passion and is determined to do well in the competition. However, she is isn’t looking forward to the infamous BNTM makeovers as she declared that the only thing that she would never do is cut her curly hair as it is her favourite feature.