Britain's Next Top Model

Britain's Next Top Model Season 12

Olivia's best moments

Olivia has made it to the top three! To celebrate her being one step closer to becoming Britain’s Next Top Model let’s have a look back at her best moments in the competition. Olivia first piqued the interest of judges when revealing that she had a secret... turns out shes really hairy!

How could you not fall in love with Olivia… Not with a smile like that.

Or with how relatable Olivia was when Abbey woke the girls up!

Olivia’s signature post- photoshoot celebration, that's definitely one for the books.

This list would be nothing without to her glamourous run towards Bianca to tell her the tea.

Olivia’s knowledge of the fashion game is immeasurable.

If you thought Alannah and Jen were petty, Olivia is the QUEEN of shade…

But we love you for it ‘liv! Plus, her facial expressions more than make up for it…

A classic moment, or shall we say moments: Olivia’s dance moves…

The small guy and big heels, never a great combination.

And what can we say to this…

Congrats Olivia!