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Britain's Next Top Model Season 12

Taking your look from day to night – the model way

A day in the life of a model isn't an easy one: it comes with early mornings, late nights, a lot of standing around, a hectic schedule and, more than likely, a fair bit of cold, public, partial-nudity. There are a few glamorous aspects to the whole shebang, sure – notoriety, cool parties, free clothes – but they're more than outweighed than the work that goes into the getting there.

A good model – such as the young ladies you'll be currently enjoying on Britain's Next Top Model – knows that in order to make a crazy routine work for her, she needs to be ready for anything. There is, after all, no guarantee of 9-5 hours, or any downtime between working and partying at all.

So here, with a nod of approval from models the world over, are the staples you'll need in order to make your look work overtime – 24/7 if necessary.

A Good Basic Outfit

You need to look chic in the day as well as at night, so don't assume that your weekend jeans and your boyfriend's hoody will do the job as long as there's daylight. Invest in a jumpsuit that doesn't crumple; a black dress with a sleek silhouette; a pair of dark wash jeans that won't stretch, together with a crisp white top.

You need to look on top of your fashion game from breakfast through until last call, and no number of accessories will be able to save you if you start your day in something out-of-fashion and past its best. You know what looks good on you. Make it work for you.


This won't be a welcome note for London fashionistas with a fear of cobblestones, but the addition of a pair of heels does wonders for any outfit: not only does it lengthen tired legs and lift lazy butts, it also changes your walk from slouching around the city to ready for action.

They don't have to be six-inch numbers but they do have to fulfill a couple of basic requirements: you have to be able to strut in them, or you'll look like a novice no matter how expensive they are; no scuff marks or price tags; and always remember that black is nearly always best, unless you've dropped a month's rent on them.

Bright Lipstick

A carefully chosen makeup look can elevate an outfit as simple as dark jeans and a white t-shirt to elegant chic. Models especially will be looking to emphasise their features rather than masking them, so leave the dark green lipstick and the half-hour-contour at the door and instead go for a timeless look: a red lip, a gold eye or a perfectly drawn on cat-eye flick.

Keep lines crisp and always have a mirror on hand for check-ups because there's nothing more amateur than a feathered lip. Kendall Jenner knows.

Bold Accessories

It's up to you what works best with the outfit you chose when you got up in the morning: but having a vampy addition on hand will take your outfit from day to night with sparkly aplomb. Recommendations include a small glitzy clutch or a capacious leather handbag; a choker; a hefty pendant, a haul of bracelets up the arm or, coupled with slicked back hair, large heavy earrings.

One thing to remember? In this case, bigger is always better, because you're looking to draw the eye from possible sweat marks and food stains. It's been a long day. It's not possible to be flawless. But that's still going to be what everyone is expecting.

A Really Hot Date

Literally never fails. Especially if they're happy to foot the bill for the cab home at the end of the night ...