Britain's Next Top Model

Britain's Next Top Model Season 12

Why we’re looking forward to Max as a judge

For those who don’t know, Max Rogers will be joining the rage man himself Nicky Johnston, and stunning head judge Abbey Clancy in the brand new season of Britain’s Next Top Model. Max is an international male model with over ten years in the industry, making him a more than qualified judge to join the panel.

But that’s not the only reason we are looking forward to seeing him on our screen...

One. Max is our prince charming!

This man is looks absolutely amazing in everything he wears, but you can’t deny how amazingly gorgeous he looks in a prince's outfit. With a fairy tale first episode, Abbey Clancy comes dressed for the Gods to make one of 13 girls dream come true, but all eyes are on Max... head to toe looking like BNTM’s Prince Charming!

Let’s be honest. We all wish we were in this fairy tale!

Two. Max Vs Nicky

You didn’t hear it from us, but there will be an ongoing feud between the newbie and the veteran bringing all the entertainment you need to last you a Lifetime (see what we done there). But which side will we fall on week after week? The Model or the Photographer. It’s all so unfair!

So, make sure you tune in with popcorn ready.

Three. “Max is a fair judge”

We all have our favourites, admittedly all for different reasons, and it seems the girls are no different. When asked to describe Max in one word, all girls said “fair” and “helpful”. So not only is he gorgeous, but it seems he also knows what he’s talking about and wants to actively help them through this process.

Of course, all the judges are fair, but Max might just be the fairest of them all.



He will probably be wearing more clothes on the show… Nonetheless, who else can’t wait to see this fair and handsome man on our screens every Thursday night?