10 Mackenzie Quotes that Deserve a T-shirt

It was a throwback to Mackenzie's best moments—while simultaneously deriding her every move— in Dance Mom's latest episode as her moment of chip-eating infamy was used as the title of her solo. She may not be the 'talented one' out of the two Zieglers (this despite having buckets of talent, but who is when you've got Maddie as a sister?), but she is the outright hilarious one and out of the two options, I'd rather have my words printed on a t-shirt than be hanging out with Shia Labeouf in a cage. Although that being said, I would also choose food over Broadway (it's possible I need to rethink my priorities).

In the full spirit of Mackenzie's best moments to date, in all her quotable glory, here are 10 other classic quotes that are t-shirt ready.

1. "I'm not Maddie, I'm Mackenzie."

Oh so fitting in light of this week's episode, she said a mouthful when she said that. Perhaps we should all bear this in mind going forward, right, Abby?

2. "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride."

There is no better reaction to your role in your mother's second marriage than this. Wait until you hit your 30s, Mackenzie. Then we can talk.

3. "Ms Abby put all these jumps on my routine and it makes me wonder if she could do all these jumps."

So much cuter when it comes from Mackenzie's mouth than Christi's. Granted, a question we will probably never know the answer to, but one we can have endless fun speculating over. How much air can Abby get?

4. "It doesn't matter about the dance. It matters about me. I'm emotional!"

Said like a young Mariah. Replace 'dance' with 'work'/'relationship'/'people staring' as applicable and borrow during your next meltdown. She really is one of us.

5. "I don't wanna be naked on stage."

Who hasn't had this thought at some point in their life? Everyone has had their 'naked on stage' moment and please, don't tell me otherwise. Also the moment when she realised the full horror of the nude bikini. No good can ever come of it.

6. "Abby doesn't look like a model to me."

Cathy, Jeanette and all other ALDC rivals take note: this is how you deliver shade.

7. "I could have gotten lost at sea!"

Granted she was water adjacent, a few feet from Abby's towel, but still: a real worry. Stranger things have happened at sea. Probably.

8. "How's this going to fit me? I can fit this on my American doll."

This a quote taken pretty much word-perfect from my last attempt at shopping for jeans. It's an on-going plight.

9. "Abby taught me how to shake my bum-bum and I shake it pretty well."

Mackenzie: master of the straight up sass. You tell 'em.

10. "Being a drag queen is a lot of work."

And it's moments like this that make her our favourite. Mackenzie, you are our new hero. Now, to the printing shop.