10 things only a Dance Moms fan will know

Being a Dance Moms fan is like being in a secret club—sometimes it literally is, if you consider all the Facebook groups and Dance Mom forums you're subscribed to—and like with any club, there are certain things you only know if you're a fan that outsiders just don't get, no matter how hard you try explaining to them. (The secret language, on the other hand, is still a work in progress.) This includes the fact that dance is a sport and a pretty tough one at that. For other examples of things that only a Dance Moms fan will know, read on and relate: if you're a serious fan, these should be fairly familiar to you.


Nothing is truly sacred in this world. Everyone is replaceable and even the biggest stars can fall. This could be depressing, if it weren't for the back up career of dance teacher/choreographer.


It's not even about the moms. It's about the dancers. Not everyone gets that, but these girls are actually super talented.


A tiara is the most valuable accessory.

This is more than a scripted reality television show; this is real life. If you need convincing, just look at what's going on away from the show at the moment. The drama that goes on in front of the camera is nothing compared to what's happening off screen!
5.Public displays of emotion are not ok. Save it for your pillow. Or at least the confessional interview camera. In fact, the latter is preferred: that's where you get all the best meat.


‘LA Crazy' is a verifiable condition that can happen to anyone: you've seen it and it's not pretty. LA can do weird things to a person's head. You're a little bit scared of LA now…

It is possible to be jealous of someone (much, much) younger than you. Until you can first learn how to apply flawless makeup and then maintain it within an inch of its life while shaking it on the dance floor on a night out (I'm not even thinking about the logistics of doing so while pulling off an acro routine, here either) then you can be slightly in awe of Maddie. Plus, she has more famous friends than you.

It's not about Kendall versus Nia. You love both of them and their music (see: recent payments made on your iTunes account). The same goes for Mack Z. ‘It's a Girl Party' is your new Friday theme tune.

You're never too old to be a Dance Moms fan. This isn't just for the tweens, okay? Repeat every time you meet someone new and the subject comes up.

The true meaning of sisterhood. Maddie's tantrum (which wasn't even a tantrum, Mel-iss-ah. She was fine) when Mackenzie beat her tap routine at the competition, was nothing like the hissy fit you threw when your younger sister started hanging out with your friends. You've learned so much from these girls.