20 Things You Didn't Know About Abby Lee Miller

Well yeah, maybe you did know some of these. We all google things late at night. But did you know that Abby takes her condiments "very seriously" and that she hates sand? These are just some of the revelations you are about to experience. Here are 18 more:

1. "I'd rather go to International House of Pancakes than a fancy restaurant."

2. "Florida, the mouse house, in Orlando, is my home away from home."

3. "I consider all of my students my kids."

4. "Good manners are as important to me as good technique."

5. "I don't love a man because he's beautiful; I love him because he makes me feel beautiful."

6. "Inside, I'm really a size 6 Prada."

I enjoy the sun. I love to swim. But I hate sand.

7. "I'm a night owl. Woo hoo!"

8. "I never leave the house without…who am I kidding? I forget something every day!"

9. "Escape from my reality is a new movie every Friday night!"

10. "As far as teaching goes, I was a lot tougher 20 years ago."

11. "In Pittsburgh, Prantl is my favourite bakery, but Moio's has the best cannoli."

12. "I've driven a Cadillac since I was 16 years old."

13. "My favourite subject in school was geometry."

14. "The geek in my science lab lit my hair on fire during class once."

15. "My favourite condiment is Heinz ketchup, and I take my condiments very seriously!"

16. "My false eyelashes can last up to a week."

17. "If I were a flower, I would be a dandelion because you can't keep me down."

18. "I've always dreamed of living in New York City."

19. "There's absolutely nothing else like seeing a show on Broadway."

20. "I enjoy the sun. I love to swim. But I hate sand."