5 signs Abby is losing it

With Abby's Legal Problems (as they shall now be referred to, with the appropriate caps that are their due) continuing on, it's not just the moms who want answers to some questions, here. Especially as, in the meantime, Abby's behaviour worsens and we're treated to another rendition of season five's 'LA Crazy'. Is Abby losing it under pressure? Here's how we can tell the situation's serious, gleaning clues from Abby's actions.

1. The wardrobe choices

Most people use their personal style as a means to tell the world about themselves. Abby, on the other hand—the woman who spends her entire life in a black t-shirt—is different. Her wardrobe choices can be construed as a silent plea to the world to let us know there's something desperately wrong going on and please, for the love of God, send help. Last season, there was the fight with Kira in her bra. Then came the time she turned up to an important meeting in just her curlers and a bracelet. In this week's episode, eagle eyed viewers will have noticed Abby trading her shoes for slippers (still not business casual, but we'll let it go). Classic Abby behaviour and a dire sign that all is not well.

2. The distraction centred around her hair

When Abby can't face holding down a coherent conversation (and she can't when she's upset, but more on that later) she focuses instead on her hair. If she ever turns up at the ALDC with cornrows, we'll no that someone's died. We all remember Abby brushing out her weave during a guest choreographer's appearance at the ALDC. This season, the obsessive grooming continues, with Abby turning up late to practice because she can't find her hairspray. A sleek bob would be the real answer here, or properly addressing her problems. Either way.

3. The veiled phone calls

Subtitles kick in on Dance Moms in one of two circumstances: either someone is screaming at decibels that render them incomprehensible to the human ear, or Abby's having a secret phone call in the other room, which we are all then invited to eavesdrop on. That's how we found out about the effect the lawsuit was having on her in season five; this is how we've discovered the allegations of fraud in season six.

4. The odd speeches

Cosying up to Jill? Vaguely threatening the moms with jail time? All we need now is another rambling phone call of bizarre excuses for the moms to walk out on and we're right back in the midst of a full Abby meltdown.

5. The sudden disappearances

The only time Miss Abby misses a performance is when it's one of Nia's. Other than that, if she's not there, there's something desperately wrong. This does not bode well for the ALDC as this week, we saw Abby cutting out before the competition, with nothing but a kiss blown to the cameras as a heads up. Just as long as she doesn't disappear for good...