5 ways to get your Dance Mom's hit until it returns

It's such a difficult time to be a Dance Moms fan right now, stuck in the seasonal break with nothing but a self-prescribed Dance Moms marathon to subside the cravings. And let's be honest: there are only so many times you can do that before you find yourself whispering the dialogue right along with it.

Well fear not fellow Dance Momians: we are here to help you get your Dance Moms hit, even though season six still seems but a distant hope. No Dance Moms? No problem.

1. Dance like nobody's watching!
And by this, we mean getting your best lycra out and dancing along to competition clips. That saying was born for moments like this, when all you want to do is put on something gauzy and match Kalani move for move. Let's put that old adage into good use. It will be like you're one of them.

2. Crank up the choons
Let's just all forget about dance for a minute and focus on the girls' other talents. There is no easier way to get a Dance Moms hit than by watching its stars in a music video that has been choreographed, directed and generally orchestrated by Abby. Or you can go the other way and listen to Nia's music, right Holly? And then there's MackZ's thriving career and even Dance Moms alumna Chloe is getting in on the action with a Christmas hit. Line ‘em up on you playlist and Wear ‘Em Out (geddit?).
3. Get your social media stalk on
Don't you just love this entirely invasive social media culture that sees us share our every waking thought on every platform on the internet possible 24/7, entirely doing away with the concept of over share or TMI? Us too. Luckily, the entire cast of Dance Moms is also a huge fan of that, which makes getting your Dance Moms hit so much easier. Everyone knows there's plenty of juicy stuff happening off screen anyway. To Instagram!

4. Get a grip on Maddie's social calendar
Maddie has been just about everywhere but the ALDC at the moment—the penalty of filming a movie and walking every red carpet that's been laid down. She might be skipping dance practice and competitions, but she has been on Ellen (ELLEN), which is a worthy sacrifice. It also makes it much easier to catch a glimpse of the little starlet before season six starts.
5. Make a video collage of your favourite Dance Moms moments and set it to music
You're really not a super fan until you've made at least one fan video montage comprising images you've nicked off social media and the internet set to music. Discover your inner television editor and relive your favourite moments of the show in the process. Or work to a theme. You know, like Abby's most terrifying moments, set to a Hammer Horror film soundtrack. What better excuse do you need to do another Dance Moms marathon: all in the name of art.