Abby and Melissa's best bits

That's it: the Zieglers have left Dance Moms and ended one of the show's—nay, television's—greatest friendships. Abby might have dropped the ball in terms of emotional send offs, but we suspect her pillow is drenched. We're on hand to do it for her, though, reminiscing over their greatest moments together. Consider it the written form of a moving, sepia-coloured flashback, if you will, set to an emotional soundtrack. Memories…

When Abby told off Kurt

As both Kurt and Melissa let us know, Melissa's ex blamed dance for breaking up their marriage. Enter Kurt crashing fun ALDC days out and complaining about Melissa and Kurt coming into the ALDC and complaining some more. So it was particularly fun to see Abby step up the plate and have her friend's back, shutting him down and sending him away. That's Abby one, Kurt nothing.  

When Melissa cleaned the studio

Who couldn't be moved by the sight of Melissa saying, “I just don't want Abby to be mad at us anymore,” while hefting an overflowing bag of rubbish? Holly helped as well, but it didn't work out quite so well for her.

Every time Melissa was Abby's cheerleader

No one could slap a grin on her face while Abby was verbally abusing her child like Melissa, forever on hand to defend every dodgy costume choice, every questionable decision.

And every time Melissa tattled 

It might not have won her any points with the other moms, but it sure brought her closer to Abby. 

When Abby had Melissa's back

Which was pretty much after every time Melissa complained. There was Abby, quick to spit out a sassy, “Nobody is going to mess with Melissa,” while giving the other moms evils and generously offering Melissa shelter in the form of unpaid labour at the ALDC. You just get yourself behind the reception desk, Melissa, or in the costume closet. They'll never find you there. 

When Abby's mum was dying

Who checked up on Abby? Melissa. Granted it took her all of half a second to get onto her true motive for being there: securing Maddie a place at nationals, but the pair did manage to shed a few tears together, complain about Kelly and share a touching story about how Abby's father was kept on life support so she could get through a dance recital (another classic insert about Abby's dad). If that isn't friendship, we don't know what is. 

When Melissa refused to go to Debbie Allen 

Even with Abby AWOL, her kids weren't going to dance for anyone but the ALDC, where they belong. 

When Abby slammed a door on Melissa

Well, sisters fight… 

When Melissa told Abby she's leaving

This was too much for even Abby's pillow. An emotional Melissa breaking down, barely getting the words out to let Abby know she and the girls are leaving. And through tears, Abby told her she'd always be proud of Maddie and Mackenzie. “You broke my heart, but the show must go on.”