Abby's Biggest Cringe-Inducing Moments

Abby Lee Miller has no shame. When she's not acting flat out crazy, she's just making us cringe so hard our faces hurt. Hey, it's part of what we love about her and this week, we got a full reminder of that. Not to rain on the parade of the girls' success, but dancing at a competition to an advert for the ALDC ranked at one of the more embarrassing moments. Add to that Abby stopping traffic so they could dance in the first place and much of this week's episode was spent in awkward empathy, watching while cringing behind a pillow. But since this is one of the more entertaining aspects of Abby's personality, we decided to reminisce about all the other times she has been utterly cringeworthy.

The time she made Asia dress up as Broadway Baby 

Never underestimate the pain of losing a pet. We are not ourselves when we are grieving. Still, we have yet to get over the sight of little Asia Monet Ray dressed up as a dog in honour of Abby's now taxidermied companion.  

 The time she sat in her car eating junk food

A cracking example from Abby at her most shameless from earlier this season proves that she is not getting better with age. That whole ‘I'm too good to show up to practise; I'm just going to sit OUTSIDE practise' routine lost its flair in school. This was just embarrassing.

The time she brushed out her weave in public 

IN FRONT OF A PROFFESSIONAL GUEST CHOREOGRAPHER! Now is the time to find your shame, Abby.

The time she chucked out Tessandra

There have been few things as painful as watching Tessandra (previously seen on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition) walk in in good faith andwith open arms to let Abby know the moms had called her in to help, only to be greeted by a blank face and a curt, “I have no idea who you are,” from Abby. Shameless, Abby! 

The time she went speed dating 

We want Abby to be happy. We were glad to see Abby dating. But watching her greet one date with, “Oh! I've never dated a man of colour,” before going on to tell him she's a “50 yard kind of girl,” then leaning in and telling him ,“ I just mean I did it on the 50 yard line.” Oof. Like a punch to the stomach. NEXT!

The time we found out she's living at the studio

First, it was the sight of the crumpled bed in the back, then it was the sight of Abby shuffling through the studio in her PJs, sans hair and makeup. Sometimes, you can have too thick a skin and this was one of those times. 

The time she pimped out Brooke 

“I think Kevin could charm the pants off anybody. He is quite debonair— for a teenager.” Abby, go back to speed dating. 

The time she fought in her bra

Never going to get over it.