Abby's Craziest Moments


In the world of showbiz, Abby Lee Miller is what is known as ‘temperamental'—or to use the technical term, bat crap crazy. She will strike exactly no one as a sane and rational person, unless they're Britney Spears circa 2007.

This is just in Pittsburgh; LA seems to have magnified her issue.

Blink and you missed it (and if you actually did miss it, YouTube it immediately) but Abby played out this week's monumental fall out with Kira in a bra and Spanx (given the past experience with mom catfights, she really should have known to remove the weave and her giant accessories, in that order, before the top came off. But who knows: maybe she wanted to intimidate with the full force of her terrifying M&S underwear), which hit the list of Abby's Craziest Moments at around number three. Then she cried, which comes in just below. For the rest of the list, read on.