Ashlee & Brynn

After leaving her new husband and two other children behind in Phoenix, Ashlee heads back to LA, confident that Brynn will rightfully step into her role as the leader of this team, now that Maddie is finally gone for good. With the pressure of her daughter being the next Maddie and being absent from her life back in Phoenix, Ashlee is determined to make this season worth it and demands that Abby give Brynn her full and undivided attention to make her the next star!

Brynn was dubbed “The Next Maddie” from the moment she joined the Elite team, so the time has finally come for her to prove everyone right. With the pressure of the high expectations Maddie left behind, Brynn struggles with finding her winning streak. Not only does Abby expect the best from her, but Brynn reaches a breaking point when it seems like the other moms are ganging up on her as well and expecting her to carry this team.