Holly & Nia

As the last OG mom of the team, Holly is back and ready to focus on Nia’s career as a singer. She is driven to keep Nia’s reputation as a member of a winning dance team, but when Abby can’t seem to focus on two teams at once, Holly is infuriated that her daughter is being overlooked after everything they have done for Abby. Now that Nia is signed with MSA Agency, Holly demands that Nia’s choreography reflect the maturity she has, but Holly quickly realizes that Abby may not be able to handle Nia’s growth as a dancer, or a singer.

Nia is the last OG member of the team and is confident as ever walking into this season now that she is newly signed with MSA Agency and eager to really jump into a career as a working singer and dancer. But, she needs Abby to showcase her maturity as a dancer and leave behind her tired, immature routines, which doesn’t seem like the easiest thing for Abby to do. Nia is making moves with the help of her manager, Lesley, to get her singing and dancing career moving in the right direction toward her ultimate goal: Broadway!