Jill & Kendall

Jill is back and for the first time ever, without her partner in crime, Melissa. Jill is walking on eggshells into this season because she knows that Maddie was Kendall’s “safety net” when it came to dance. To make matters worse, Abby’s attention is split between her federal case and building up her mini-team, leaving Kendall less confident. As Kendall loses her footing with Abby, she’s hit with another blow as her long overdue album release stalls. Jill finds her backbone and a way to move forward with Kendall’s music, but this may end up biting her in the behind. Jill fights to snag Abby’s attention away from the mini’s, but it only pushes Abby further away. Jill is left to deal with the consequences of Kendall’s lack of confidence and searches for a way to build it back up; both on and off the stage.

Kendall is left high and dry without her best friend and duo partner, Maddie. It’s up to her this season to step into the role as Abby’s next “go-to” girl, but with a lack of confidence and Abby holding her back from a rising pop-star career, Kendall is stuck in the shadows once again.