Kira & Kalani

After missing multiple weeks last season because of her new born baby, Kira is back and committed to the team and committed to taking her daughter’s dancing career to the next level before she becomes a professional. Kira was known as the mom who didn’t care about anything, but what she does care about is Kalani, so when Abby slacks on providing the training the moms have so adamantly requested for the girls, Kira makes it clear she will not tolerate anymore laziness from Abby. Kira also battles the mini-team moms as they start stepping on their time and routines. Kira is not one to hold back as she fights to keep Kalani in the spotlight, and the mini-team moms in their place.

As the oldest member of the Elite team, Kalani is ready to take on the leadership role on this team. She is just a minute away from the world of professional dancing, but before she jumps in, she needs to make sure she is getting the training she needs to survive in that cutthroat industry. However, when Abby cannot seem to find the time or attention to give to Kalani and the rest of the Elites, Kalani needs to figure out a plan to tend to her training before time runs out.