Christi and Chloe's Greatest Moments

Sad, sad news from the ALDC: Christi and Chloe have left. For good. Honestly, they're not coming back.

Obviously, we can probably all get where Christi's coming from: after all, Abby did ‘throw' a chair ‘at' Paige in one episode and the threat of your child's safety at the hands of a giant-haired woman yelling and brandishing furniture would tip anyone over the edge into the ‘maybe this company isn't for me' camp. Or spark a lawsuit, as is actually happening. But even still, it's ok if, like me, you're not completely sure of where you stand on a future without them.

So in honour of not letting go just yet, here is a countdown of some of the pair's greatest moments.

Chloe's headband

PULL IT UP, CHLOE. PULL. IT. UP! A classic from season one when the threat of Abby beating someone to death was still a novelty, Chloe's wayward headband was the cause of controversy when it fell over her face and effectively left her dancing blind for half the routine. Why didn't she just pull it up? Who knows. But what a trooper.

Christi's one-liners

Sometimes it's impossible to choose just one moment and this is one of them. Who could decide whether Christi dubbing the girls ‘prostitots' was any more glorious than her nicknames for season four's rival moms, ‘Dud muffin,' ‘Frumplestitskin,' and ‘Christ-tee'?  I, for one, will miss them all.


The music video

In a company where Maddie is generally treated with greater respect than the baby Jesus ever saw, it was immensely satisfying to see Chloe nail the audition for LUX's music video and win out over her constant rival, securing the gig.

The sausage dress

Of course, it was all down hill from there as, in a showbiz fall that rivalled Britney's, Chloe's next big role was in an advert for Cathy's husband's meat business, covered in ham. Although, dancing in a dress you get to EAT after? I'm really not seeing the problem, here.

Christi's inappropriate drinking

No single moment to choose from here either— mainly because of the sheer number of times Christi has been caught with a drink in hand. ‘Double fisting' and doing shots off a ski; where there was booze, there was Christi drinking it. Which usually led to the ensuing wrath of Abby.

 Their reaction to Maddie's first kiss

From Chloe's shrieking horror that Maddie got in there before her: “You had your first kiss… Before me!” (It was technically with Abby, dear. Keep holding out.) To the ever sage, Christi: “Ah, Maddie and Abby both had their first kiss on the same day! Twins.” It was reason enough to love them both.

Christi walking out

Yes, we now may be bereft of two of our favourite dance mom-ers, but who didn't love watching Christi finally making good on her word and telling Abby off after seasons of abuse? After all, trying to defraud Chloe of her win was low, even for Abby. Good on you, Christi.