Christy's Craziest Moments

It's Christ-y. The ultimate crazy in dance moms made her return in season six. Hurray for this. We're thrilled, so instead of talking about how Kendall stormed out (again), yelled at Abby (!) and Abby didn't immediately eat her (!!), we're going to reminisce over all of Christ-y's craziest moments.

Calling Abby garbage…

…That needs to be taken out. AKA the worst plan to get your daughter a spot on the team ever. 

Calling Abby a liar

Bye, Sarah. 

Taking on the moms 

Never one to talk behind someone's back (although she should really give that a go), Christ-y welcomed the Elite Team moms into the studio by relaying exactly what the Select Team moms had been saying about them in their absence. In front of the Select Team moms. On the playground, which is where Christ-y mentally resides, this would earn her a reputation as a tell-tale tit; here, it's just plain crazy.                               

The fortune teller

Only Christy could go to a fortune teller and still come across as the craziest one in the room. “God loves me DEARLY… I'm praying my way back home.” 

The apple chandelier

Channelling Brad Pitt, Christ-y got Sarah kicked out yet again when she developed an all-consuming need to know what Abby was carrying in her prop box. Christ-y, you know what's in it because you just broke it. It's an apple chandelier. Yes it's weird, but this is the ALDC: get over it.

Christ-y vs. Mickey take one 

Any former Candy Apple invited into the ALDC is going to be viewed with suspicion by the rest of the group. Or if not by them, at least by Christ-y, who seemed convinced Mickey and Gino were out for Sarah's spot and Sarah's alone. Strangely, Suspicious at Mickey Christ-y came across a lot more like Infatuated with Mickey Christ-y. “He's very, very… suav-aye, if you will.” We will not. 

Christ-y vs. Mickey take two 

“You guys, I'm telling you! He has secrets.” He's also standing right next to you.

The prayer circle 

In which she took Melissa's polite refusal to participate as her wishing ill on the girls and their performance. Christ-y doesn't do religious tolerance. Bye, Sarah. 

Crashing Loree's lunch 

“Tam-ee, my hair!”

It was the fight of season four, as Christ-y finally pushed the other moms too far. We don't condone violence, but Tami's form was particularly impressive as she hurdled over the other moms in order to take Christ-y down. Those yoga arms are not a joke.The only thing scarier than seeing Christ-y thundering up to a lunch she hadn't been invited to was the sound of her telling Loree her days are numbered.

Not to be deterred by the fact everyone's just walked out on her, Christy instead chose to tuck into their untouched lunches, which probably wouldn't be our first response in such a situation, but hey, each to their own. Their crazy own.