Jill's Gobbiest Moments

Kendall might not be winning the top spot she's been gunning for, but Jill's making sure the spotlight stays on at least one member of the Vertes family, declaring war on Ashley and making yelling at Brynn a sport. In keeping with this season's new and mouthier Jill, here are 10 of her other gobbiest moments to date.

1. When Kendall put a bow on it

Never has accessorising caused such mayhem as when Jill put a bow in Kendall's hair: a misunderstanding that came to be known as the build up to one of Jill's gobbier moments. "You're going to accuse me of stealing a two dollar bow?"

2. When Jill got jealous over Nia's music video

Jill wasn't jealous about Nia's A-list clout and Holly wasn't bragging... Sure.

3. When Cathy called Jill "a man in disguise"

Jill insinuated Cathy was so old she used a wheelchair. Cathy retorted with the classic, "And how old are you, double chin?", and so the gauntlet was thrown. Granted, yelling, "You shut your ugly mouth. There are kids around!", was slightly counterintuitive on Jill's part, but Cathy should know by now: you don't mess with the bull (or Jill).

4. When Abby criticised Kendall's posture

And Jill responded by also criticising Kendall's posture, while yelling at Abby for doing so. There is no logic here.

5. When Jill took on Black Patsy

And as Christi put it, "Got all hood rat."

6. When Melissa gave Jill a taste of her own medicine

Nothing is more irritating for the moms than watching a fellow mom backtrack in front of Abby in order to appease her. Something that Jill does almost all the time. You'd think she'd be slightly more sympathetic to Melissa doing it, but that's not how it worked out in last season's fight between the two.

7. When Jill "dropped the F-bomb"

This time, in a fight with Kristie over Asia's absences from rehearsals. For someone that 'didn't care,' Jill really sounded like she cared.

8. When Cathy took Jill's phone

Cathy didn't respond kindly to Jill filming her fight with Abby; Jill didn't respond kindly to Jill snatching her phone, retaliating with some harsh words I probably can't repeat here under Lifetime's style guide. I can say it involved two bulky bald men stepping in to manhandle Jill back into place.

9. When Maddie fell out of her turns

And Jill took it upon herself to needle her until she left the room in tears. "It's okay, honey," has never sounded less sincere.

10. When Jill threw a shoe

Jill's not "Becky-home-eccy", people; it was completely unreasonable to ask her to make an entirely new costume for Kendall with only a week's heads up that old costumes aren't allowed. Of course she was going to throw down when Abby refused to let Kendall out on stage in an old costume, five whole days after she said that wasn't allowed. Note to Jill: people in cowboy hats shouldn't throw shoes.