Kendall's Best Dances

As Kendall celebrates her 14th birthday on the 9th of December, we take a look back at some of her most memorable dances on Dance Moms. 

Bodies Electric

Way back in season three, Kendall performed this duet with Maddie.

Just Rain

This dance from season four remains one of Kendall's best solos to date.


Kendall and Kalani used a picture frame as a prop in this duet.

Her final duet with Maddie

It was an emotional moment when longtime duet partners Maddie and Kendall performed together for the final time. We're still not quite over it. 

Dance Like an Egyptian

This dance from season 7 shows just how much Kendall has grown as a performer.

What's your favourite Kendall dance? Brand new Dance Moms continues every Monday at 9pm – exclusively on Lifetime.