Life lessons we can all learn from Holly

Is anyone else loving Holly this season? The woman has found her mojo and if it means that Nia faces the brunt of Abby's rage as a result, that's fine, because Holly's there to step in with a few soothing words.

Honestly, the woman should have an app: a pocket-sized guru that could be turned to whenever you've had a bad day, so wise are her words. In the meantime though, I'm going to provide the beta version: basically, writing down some of her most inspirational words and applying them directly to IRL situations. You're welcome.  

“You're entitled to your wrong opinion, that's fine.”

Tolerance! Oh preach the good word tolerance. And bless Holly for teaching us this worthy lesson. We should all be bigger people and allow for differences of opinion without getting immediately red faced with shouty rage (like Abby), no matter how ridiculous those opinions are. Boss want you to get started on a new task that you know is a monumental waste of time? Tolerance. Friend just told you you don't look as good in your favourite skinny jeans as you know you do? Tolerance. Or failing that, just repeat this with a sweet smile whenever someone is being particularly obnoxious in your direction.  

I don't add up the bills, because it's too much money.


Yes, the Good Doctor was talking about the exorbitant fees of getting Abby to psychologically torment her and Nia, but there's no reason why the same logic can't immediately be applied to credit card bills and the ‘money paid out' section of your bank statement.

“If you have nothing interesting or intelligent to say, you should just be quiet.”

A much needed update on a classic that is so much more applicable to modern life. You can't always be nice, but you can damn sure always try to sound interesting or intelligent. Although some of the other moms have yet to master either of these sayings.

“Life is not fair but these kids deserve better.”

Replace ‘these kids' with ‘I' and adopt immediately as your new mantra to be repeated the next time you find yourself stuck on a bad date or having a particularly hard time of it at work. It is, but you do.

“It's just too early in the day for this.”

Apply it to drinking wine; apply it to going to the gym; apply it to looking at your bank statement the morning after a big night out: whatever, it's golden. (Also works when applying it to a confrontation with Black Patsy, FYI.)

“All of this will come and go but my child learned a life lesson.”

The number of times this has been directly applicable to my life when something hasn't gone the way I wanted it to. Most recently, when I ate so much I had to have a nap so my body could recover. Life lesson learned.

“Fix your hair and your face and everything else.”

Sometimes, there is genuinely nothing else to say.