Maddie Versus Kalani: The Stats

After facing constant pressure from Kira and, apparently, dance teachers across the country who continue to question Abby's motives, Abby finally caved and pitted her top dancer, Maddie against new girl, Kalani. Maddie may have won the dance off, but coming in second place over all, does she really have what it takes to remain the top dog? Let's take a look at their stats.


Maddie: 12.

Kalani: 14.

Strongest dance

Maddie: Tap and lyrical.

Kalani: Lyrical and ballet.

Time at ALDC

Maddie: Started dancing for Abby when she was two and has been with her ever since.

Kalani: Originally appeared in Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, before joining the ALDC as a permanent dancer in season four.

Number of times on top of pyramid

Maddie: 47

Kalani: Four

Number of solos

Maddie: 59

Kalani: Four

Hours spent training

Maddie: 40 hours a week and often into the night.

Kalani: Reportedly between 20 to 30 hours a week.

Dedication rating of dance mom

Melissa: Melissa makes no secret of her overall commitment to her daughters' careers. After all, she sacrificed her marriage to dance and has now even started ‘home schooling' her kids for a solid hour a day so they can spend more time at the studio.

Kira: Kira, on the other hand, walked out in season four to spend time with her family and boyfriend and now turns up to rehearsals late. Though Kalani's still winning solos, so maybe the joke's on Melissa.

Attitude of other moms towards the dance moms (a trusty measure of success)

Melissa: No one likes Melissa. Probably because they're jealous of Maddie's spot on the pyramid.

Kira: Although after ‘abandoning' the other moms last season, Kira's return hasn't been well received either. Nor have Kalani's subsequent solos.

Star power (paramount now the ALDC is moving to Hollywood)

Maddie: As well as starring in two Sia videos, Maddie's also won roles on shows Austin & Ally and Drop Dead Diva, not to mention launching her own clothing line. She's also been forced to take time out from the ALDC to fulfil other Hollywood commitments (appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen among them; you know how it is).

Kalani: Before Dance Moms, Kalani also appeared on other shows, Bunheads and Shake It Up. She too has designed her own clothing line.

Degrees of favouritism shown by Abby

Maddie: If you need to ask, you're clearly not watching Dance Moms enough.

Kalani: A strong number two in Abby's eyes and a clear favourite on AUDC, Kalani has made a solid return, despite the fact that Kira is still in Abby's bad books. That's not getting in the way of Kalani's solos, though.

Ultimate champion predictions

Maddie's undeniably the heavyweight (not literally, dear) in this competition, but she's facing tough competition from Kalani. Now that Abby's allowed the two to compete, Kalani's got every chance to prove herself as top dog and push Maddie off the top of the pyramid once and for all. Watch this space.