Meanest Mom Moments

If you were in any doubt before, this week's episode proved it: Dance Moms has gone full scale Mean Girls. Not inviting Ashlee to their pyjama party was really the last straw. If this continues, we're going to have to put Jill on a time out. Why can't they all just get along? Clearly, they're incapable, as this long list of mean mom moments proves.

Cathy Getting Personal

You can basically pick any sentence that comes out of Cathy's mouth as unnecessarily rude, but we're going to go with calling Jill a man this time.

Accusations of Melissa's ‘Affair'

We will defend Christi to the end of the earth, but it turns out, this is it. Accusing Melissa of having an affair with her married boss on TV is a step too far, even for Christi. There are reputations at stake. To make things worse, a tiny Mackenzie overheard the entire thing and left in tears.

Taking On Kaya 

Kaya has a bad rep and at least 94% of that is entirely on her (we'd refer back to the embroidered bomber jacket, but there's really no need). But that post-competition fight back in season two that saw Kelly refer to her as ‘her', because “I don't want to use your name,” with all the other moms following suit and ganging up on her, smacked of every secondary school fight you've ever been in when suddenly, you found yourself on the wrong side of the clique. Even appealing to the Good Doctor Holly wasn't enough to save Kaya from this one. 

Jess' Failed Lunch

Jess was a bit of a, well, Ashlee when she arrived at the ALDC. Remember when she stuck JoJo into Nia's spot in the group dance? Naturally, Holly was enraged at this backstabbing behaviour, but the moms walking out of lunch en masse as Jess turned up inspires more school flashbacks.

Kira Mimicking JoJo

JoJo took a lot of flack as a newbie to the ALDC, Abby's ‘constructive criticism exercise' that saw all her peers line up to point out her flaws, just one shining example. But note to Kira: when your kids are accused of mocking someone behind her back, the correct response is not to join in on the abuse. Totally uncalled for.

Australian Backstabbing

Australia saw a team divided, as Jess and Holly were excluded from the ALDC performances. To really rub this in, the other moms gathered to gossip. I believe the ever-compassionate Kira's exact words were, “Go whine to someone else who cares.” Nice.

Jess and Holly's Banishment

There's Holly, extending the olive branch of an invitation to Nia's performance in Australia; there are Jill and Melissa, telling their fellow dance moms that they're not welcome to show up at the ALDC's performance. Good job, guys.

Taking It Out On Ashlee

We hate to say it, but the moms blaming Ashlee for their own misfired prank hits an all time low for the ALDC. Sorry, but this one's all on you, moms.